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Welcome to the Pest Breaker About Page. Here you will get details information about my blog Pest Breaker and the lovely Girl Cheri J. Isom (Myself) who is the founder of this Pest Control Blog.

My Story behind Founding the Pest Breaker Blog

I’m Cheri J. Isom and living with my family in a City of the United States of America called Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m a student of Botanical Engineering at Wisconsin Lutheran College. I have some hobbies but my most favorite hobby is gardening.

I made a garden by myself with the help of my family members. I have cultivated various types of plants especially flowers and vegetables. They are so lovely and I love to spend time in my garden. I always try to take care of my plants.

But one day I have noticed one thing that my garden is attacked by some pests. Rats are cutting down my plants and flowers and ants started destroying my seeds. This hurts me very badly. And I also notice that the pests were started creating problem inside of my house.

About Pest Breaker Blog

On the other side, some of my relatives and friends also informed me that they are also suffering the same problem. As a student of Botany, I have some knowledge about plants destroyer. I was very much fed up with the problem of pests.

Then I researched about pests and their activities.  I have gathered lots of information from the web some of them are traditional and some are modern. I have also joined some seminar which helps me a lot to find out the solution. I tried my best to prevent different type’s pests in my garden as well as home. And finally, I have successfully overcome this nagging pest’s problem.

As I know people are also suffering pest’s problem so that I create this Blog to help them. I’m here to share my experiences and knowledge about pest control so that people can also prevent this problem. Here I’ll share several pest control tips and tricks especially to get rid of rodents (rat, mice, mouse, squirrel, mole, etc.). I’ll also share my personal opinion/review about some most popular pest control products such as traps, poisons, repellents, etc. that you can get at a reasonable price from local or online store to prevent pests.

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Cheri J. Isom