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Rats are destructive creatures that cause lots of destruction’s in a house or any places. Cutting electrical wire, contaminated food, make holes in boxes, cut cloths, their damaging acts are uncountable. The worst part is rats can transmit deadly diseases. The best rat trap is made to catch them and kill afterward. There is another option for the trap which catches it without killing them.

Rat traps are versatile. They can catch rats, mice, rodents, squirrels, etc. too depending on what type and size you are using. Also, these tarps are environmentally friendly, reusable, and safe for toddlers and pets (most of them).

Best Rat Trap Reviews

Types of Rat Traps

There are many types of traps are available in the market. Pest control companies make different size of rat trap that works to catch single or multiple rats. Such as,

  1. Jaw mousetrap
  2. Spring-loaded bar mousetrap
  3. Electric mousetrap
  4. Live-capture mousetrap
  5. Glue mousetraps
  6. Bucket mousetraps
  7. Disposable mousetraps

How Do Rat Traps Works

Several types of the rat traps are available in the market, and they work in many different ways. Like, Tin Cat, mechanical trap, Ketch-all, glue board, etc. These are currently most popular and widely used pest control traps for rats used in pest control industry.

  • Glue Board- Among of all others glue mouse traps are less human. This one has a thin cardboard cover with glue on one side. So, when a mouse step into it will stick to the board and can’t move from there. This one is useful to catch rodent also but the juveniles ones only. Older rodents will not fall for this trap so easily.
  • Tin Cat– The Tin cat is a reusable trap with multiple catch mouse traps. A rat enters through the one-way door and trapped inside of it. This trap can catch various rats without killing them. You can use it with a glue board inside of it.
  • Mechanical Trap- Mechanical rat traps that made of thick wood board and metal spring+clips needs to add a bait for catch rats. It can also catch rodents, squirrels, etc. first a lure needs to set on the trigger bringing the hammer back and secure by the hold bar. When a rat goes into the trap and tries to touch the food or eat that, the hammer release in a sec and kill it right away. The mechanical traps need to place with a trigger against the wall where rats are travel mostly.
  • Ketch-all- The ketch-all is another multiple catch set-up and similar to Tin Cat. Its need to be wound and act with the revolving flap. It allows a rat to enter but not exit from it. This trap can catch multiple rats without killing them so you can decide either killing them or not.

How to Choose the Best Rat Trap

Choosing the most effective rat trap is might easy but its tough to tell either the trap will work on a particular area/situation or not. For example, if there is enough bush, rice field and fruit-trees around your house, the mechanical trap with lure might not work that well. Because there is enough food and hide out in that place and typical rodent might not fall for the trap so easily. The success rate will be low to exceptionally here to catch multiple rats. So, you need to consider-

  • The Type of Trap

Some traps kill rats or only trap and catch without harming them. Mechanical traps, electrical tunnel traps, etc. are deadly but reusable also. Non-deadly traps like Glue board, Bucket trap, Tin cat, Catcalls are safe, but later on, you have to deal with the mice to kill them or leave them in the wild. Small to large rodent can be caught with them quickly. For general office, shop and city homes, the electrical tone is better, if there is small and few mice to catch.

  • Construction

Look for a mousetrap that is washable or at lease easy cleanable. Mechanical or tin mouse traps are less durable because they get rust easily. The smell of dead mice and rust may alert other or make the luring smell less attractive. So, chances are these traps might not catch rats later that they usually caught before. Also, the construction and mechanism of it should be durable so, a big mouse can’t escape easily.

  • APHA Approved

Animal and Plant Health Associations or APHA tests and approves different brands of mouse traps. To pass the test, a trap needs to fast, safe, and convenient enough according to their proclamations. You can look for anything that is “APHA” approved to ensure the best quality. If you can find any at least make sure the trap you are going to buy is tested in the company lab and pass successfully.

Our Top 5 Picks of Best Rat Trap

Rat TrapImageEditor's RatingBrandTypeWeightWarranty
Victor Metal Pedal Rat TrapVictor Metal Pedal Rat Trap4.4/5VictorSnap4.8 Ounces1 Year
Victor M250S No Touch, No See(Editor's Choice)Victor M250S No Touch, No See4.5/5VictorElectric5.6 Ounces1 Year
Kensizer Small Animasl Humane Live Cage Rat Mouse TrapKensizer Small Animals Humane Live Cage Rat Mouse Trap4.7/5KensizerLive Catch11.2 OuncesNot Available
Tomcat 370910 Rat & Mouse Killer Tomcat 370910 Rat & Mouse Killer 4.2/5TomcatBaits1.9 PoundsNot Available
Rat Zapper Classic Rat TrapRat Zapper Classic Rat Trap4.3/5Agri ZapElectric1.45 Pounds1 Year

10 Best Rat Trap Reviews

Looking for quality traps to get rid of rats in your house? Here are 10 best rat trap reviews for you. Check them out.

Victor Metal Pedal Rat TrapVictor Metal Pedal Rat Trap - Most Effective Rat Trap

The Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap is an old style original wooden+metal snap trap that is suitable to use with any bait. Its very simple to use, convenient in size which makes it usable at any corner in your house or including outside.

You can use it with peanut butter, raw bacon or anything you want to. But fresh bait always works to attract to rats and radiant easily. And once the rodent triggers the pedal, the metal trap springs closed immediately and traped it. After catch throws away, the dead pest washes this best outdoor rat trap and reuse it with fresh Laure. Don’t forget to use a hand glove before touching the trap with a dead mouse unless you won’t mind a stinky hand.


  • The trap is cheap and straightforward to use.
  • Made of quality wood that lasts for a long time.
  • Comfortable, functional snap trap design.
  • Easy baiting with a preformed bait section.


  • They can also kill squirrels, chipmunks, etc.
  • Some bigger rats may escape from the traps.


Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic MousetrapVictor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mousetrap

The Victor M250S No Touch, No See is a new rat trap that uses electric shock to kill it without making a mess. It has two panels- one for entering and one for traps the rat. Once a paste enter, it automatically shut off the door and triggering the system to provide a human high voltage shock. There is a green LED light to indicate a kill, and it can keep blinking up to 1 week until the batter is down. Usually, you need 4 AA batteries to kill 100 mice.

This best electric mouse trap is safe because it automatically senses the trap and turns off when its opened. So you and your family members or the pets don’t get shocked by it other than the mice. However, the killing chamber is detachable. So, once you are done, remove the dead rat and clean it for next usage.



  • Easy and mess-free cleaning.
  • Usable in any place in indoor.
  • Don’t required poison or chemical.
  • Removable kill chamber for easy cleaning.
  • Cheap in price. 


  • The box is tiny.
  • Ideal for indoor use only.


Kensizer Small Animals Humane Live Cage Rat Mouse TrapKensizer Small Animals Live Catch Mouse Trap

The Kensizer Small Animals Live Human Cage a simple trap that doesn’t make a pest inside it brutally. It lures merely and traps it so you can either throw them away in the forest or release them. This trap is made of sturdy aluminum structure which is equally light at the same time. Also, the aluminum mesh of the trap won’t be bitten open by the small rats so easily. But if there is a rodent, then there is a possibility of damage though.

However, the mouse trap has the high sensitive trigger mechanism. When the trigger touches the door will shut off the right of the moment automatically. So there is no escape once the lock is set and a pest in entered.


  • No toxic and does not kill the rats brutally.
  • Can catch multiple rats at the same time if you have the bigger one.
  • The aluminum mesh doesn’t get damaged by chew or scratch.
  • High sensitive trigger mechanism that immediately sense after anything entre.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.


  • No, handle on top of the door which makes it lift up vertically. So the insiders can be injured sometimes if you give proper attention.


Tomcat 370910 Rat & Mouse Killer, Child & Dog ResistantTomcat 370910 - Tomcat Rat Trap Review

Kill the nuisance pest by feeding the Tomcat 370910 Rat and Mouse Killer. This is a complete trap with a feeding station and poisonous bait that can kill rodents, mice, and rats effectively. All you need is to place the bait on the station by opening its window and after closing it, put the station in a suitable place. You can set the Tomcat mouse killer either inside or outside of the house, where the mouse comes often. The smell of the lure will attract them and once the bait goes inside their stomach then will die within a short time.

Each 30 gm of bait block can kill 3/4 rats. The bait station withstands high temperature so placeable at any place. That is why Tomcat Rat Trap Review has got top ratings after Victor Electronic Rat Trap Review.


  • Easy to open and insert two bait chunks.
  • It has a window to see and monitor inside without opening.
  • Able to use on indoor and outdoor.
  • The station is very durable.
  • Weather and temperature resistance.


  • If there is natural habitat near for finding food for rat/mouse/rodent they will not touch the trap.
  • The safety feature might work for kids, but big dogs can chew and open the station in most cases. 


Rat Zapper Classic Rat TrapRat Zapper Classic Rat Trap - Best Electric Mouse Trap

Here are another easy maintenance electric rat traps for both indoor and outdoor use. This human rat trap kills pest giving high voltage shock for two mins. It’s a classic electric trap that makes the catch and cleans up like a breeze. You don’t have to touch the dead pest at all. Once the killing is made, a light will indicate to inform you know so you can empty the panel. All you need is dump the rat in the trash without touching it.

The trap is run from 4 AA batteries, and it can kill 20 rats per set of batteries. Its designed to use at indoors or anyplace where it doesn’t expose to outside elements like snow, rain or sands. On summer days you can place it outside of the home. But remember this trap is sensitive to moisture.


  • Kill mice with deadly electric shock.
  • Comfortable and clean disposal system.
  • Easy to put in any corner of the house.
  • Comes with four different sizes. 


  • May create a short circuit problem if it’s become slightly wet or moist.
  • Slightly overpriced. 


Pest Control Rat Traps (Set of 6) by Kat SensePest Control Rat Traps - Rat Trap that Works

Kate Sense rat trap is made to catch small to big sizes of rats quickly and easily. It doesn’t require poison, chemical or batteries to kill the pest. You need to place high protein bait on the bait cup. The bait cup is removable and washable. Infect the entire trap is made of washable materials. So after done with catch and disposal, you can wash it thoroughly and reset it. Compare than wooden trap this one is 10 times efficient, hygienic, and trouble-free.

The trap has stainless steel spring with a high precision trigger mechanism that snaps the frame once a mouse steps into the trap. Overall, the rat killing possibility with Kat-Sense is higher than you glue mouse board, wooden traps, and rat kill.


  • Six pieces of traps pack.
  • Usable in small to large any places.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Efficient and low escape rate.
  • Made of washable materials.
  • No risk of foul smell or stinks. 


  • Some users complain about the traps (not all six) started malfunctioning reset them after cleaning. 


Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper by Abco TechAbco Tech Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper - Best Outdoor Rat Trap

The Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper by Abco Tech is a smart and efficient trap that kills mice, rat, squirrels, and chipmunks easily. It comes with an innovative wireless circuit sensor that senses when a  rat or chipmunks enter inside the trap. And without wasting one sec, it creates 7000 volts of electric cloud and instantly kills the paste.

The traps run with four alkaline batteries and usable for up to 30 uses. The right side of the rat trap is it can kill this pest without creating much waste- no blood mess or smell. You don’t need to look on the rodent/rat before disposal. It turns on the red light when the preset is being killed and green light when it’s completely dead. So, it’s safer to use also.


  • Does not require poison or any toxic substances that could harm the environment.
  • Has an intelligent wireless system that senses when anything lives enter.
  • Kill squirrels, chipmunk along with rat, mice, and rodents.
  • Don’t speed bed odor, blood or anything.
  • Easy to clean and no touch disposal. 


  • Not work with all kind of bait. You have to experiment to see which one work best for you condition.
  • Not kids or pets proof. 


RinneTraps 2 Pack-Walk The Plank Mouse TrapRinneTraps 2 Pack-Walk The Plank Mouse Trap - Multiple Catch Mouse Traps

Here is another toxin free, shock-free cheap rat trap that you can use in your house to control the pest. It’s a bright lure that leads the mouse, chipmunks, rats, etc. inside a bucket. You need to place this walk the plank mousetrap around a bottomless bucket and set bait. The lure can be any protein, seeds, etc. once the pray smell the lure, it will climb on the trap’s nose and fall into the bucket. Because the nose of this trap fell once, there is a weight on its end and back to its position when its empty.

You need to fill the bucket 1/2 with water, so the mice won’t be able to jump out of the bucket. Take a 5-gallon bucket for the job. Overall, its safe and less brutal option to control your household pest.


  • The organic and trouble-free solution for catching mice and rats.
  • Reusable for a long time.
  • Simple and easy setup.
  • Safe for use especially if you have pet or toddlers.
  • Very affordable. 


  • No bucket included, you have bought one new or use an old one for the job.
  • Catch small rats and chipmunks most of the time. 


PURNEAT Electronic Rat Trap, Mouse Rodent Traps PURNEAT Electronic Rat Trap, Mouse Rodent Traps

The P PURNEAT Electronic Rat Trap is an excellent option to get rid of this filthy rats that create a mess all over the house. Its electric mouse trap with the high voltage socking system, safety switch, no-touch no-see disposal and many more. Compare then others this one provided 8000 voltage max and killed an intruder instantly. Practically the voltage work for full two mins to make sure it’s dead. Once the mouse is dead, a green light will turn on and indicate the current status.

This rat trap runs with 4 AA batteries. But it has a power adapter so you can directly use it for plug and play. The cage is washable and easy to wash after removing the dead pest. Overall, an active and harmless trap for reducing the number of these annoying animals.


  • It has a protective switch that ensures the safety of human and pets.
  • High sensitive detection that kills pest as long as it gets into the tunnel.
  • Has both option for adapter and batteries to power it up.
  • High voltage shock for instant killing.
  • Low power consumption.


  • The red light flush ins every five secs which could scare rodents or rats and decreases the killing in some cases. 


Odesos Mouse Trap, Live Catch & Release Bucket Spin RollerOdesos Mouse Trap, Live Catch & Release Bucket Spin Roller

Last but not least, the Odesos mousetrap is an affordable and non-toxic trap that effective on catch mouse dead or alive. It cleverly attracts to the trap and makes fall them in the bucket. You can catch multiple mice with this trap at a time. But rodent or anything above 6-8” may not fool around by this trap so easily. The set up is thin and room for tiny creatures though.

For this trap, you need 5 gallons of the bucket and set the trap on it. There is two part for climbing on the center ring rod. The ring rod spins once it feels the weight and makes fall it inside the bucket. You need to place some peanut butter on few spots and leave the area dark for rest of night. Make the bucket wall slipper with soap so they can climb and run away efficiently. The following job will be done by the trap.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Safe and nontoxic mousetrap.
  • Don’t harm your pets or kids.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Low price. 


  • Not suitable for 6-8” rats.
  • The bucket is not included. 


Common Signs of Rat Problem

You have rats infestations in your area and it’s important to identify the exact place where their population is high. This will help you to place the trap in the right place and you can catch or kill them quickly. However, there should be some common signs of rats problem in your property those will help you to identify them. And some common signs are

  • Rat Droppings
  • Urine Stains or Smell
  • Rub Marks
  • Tracks and Runways
  • Rat Holes
  • Nests
  • Organic Waste in the Field
  • Footprints
  • Chewed Surfaces etc.

How to Get Rid of Rats

Some simple work can help you to get rid of the unnecessary presence of rats. Follow these instructions below to make your home rat-free. Like,

  • Clean your kitchen after finish all the work at night. Don’t leave food, food crumbs on the floor, table or on the stove.
  • Use a dustbin with lid and secure it with a weight, so rats don enters there.
  • Don’t leave any food container/shelf open. Keep the leftover food in a box and tightly close the lid.
  • Repair any holes and crakes on the house walls to limit their excess inside the house.
  • Fix the faucet of the kitchen, bathroom, etc. if they have any problem with dropping water. Rats often look for water sources thus they need 1-3 oz. of water every day. Limiting their water access will restrict their entrance in-house.
  • Use an effective rat trap to diminish the quantity of house rat clan.
  • Need more specific and detailed guide to get rid of mice? Check our complete guide on how to get rid of mice fast.

How to Set a Rat Trap

Traps like victor pedal traps or mechanical traps need to set individually because have they particular mechanism to catch rats. Others like electric, tin, etc. traps are very simple. Here is how to set a Victor rat trap easily. Have a look below.

  • Take the trap and release the armbar from its staple. Carefully move it over to the back of the trap to hang it over to the end of the trap.
  • Take a small piece of cheese, ham or any fruit as bait and carefully place it one the bait sector. For most of the Victor traps, the place is bright yellow. Take a toothpick to pick and place the bait. It helps keep your body scent away from the food. Don’t put too much bait; it will not let the trap set well in most cases.
  • If your rat trap is an easy set trap, you can pick one of two settings for the trap. First one is easy to set but complicated to trigger. The sensitive traps are difficult to set-up. Now pull the kill bar nack in the position and hold it in place using your thumb. Take the armbar and lift over the kill bar latching it underneath the bait stand.

You can check this video to learn “How to Set Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap”

What is the Best Bait for Rat Trap

Depending on the rat species the ‘best bait’ could vary one to another. Common house rats like, a black rat has a preference of fruits, peanut butter, etc. the brown rats are omnivores. They prefer dry meats, bacon, cheese and in some cases peanut butter too. You will find more rat trap bait options here.

Safety Points to Consider While Setting a Rat Trap Effectively

Setting a rat trap is not rocket science. Follow these few instructions to set a trap safely and effectively.

  • Use a hand glove to set the trap. For wooden snap, trap removes the staple of the trigger arm so it can move instantly once a rat comes close to it.
  • Time for bait! Rats are curious about new things, but they are cleaver at the same time. They try new foods in a very small amount to check either its safe or not. That is why a fresh bait can take to work especially if its a poisoned food. Use a high protein bait like ham, peanut butter, etc. for bait. Sometimes flour dough, nesting materials like string, cotton, etc. also work as bait.
  • Place the trap against the wall. Rats have poor eyesight but strong smell sense. That is why they walk along the wall, so the wall gives them security. Placing a trap in their pathway will be more efficient. Some rats are a walk on walls, ceiling, etc. some are on the ground. Before setting a trap look for traces where the rats mostly walk or run.
  • For electric mouse traps always make sure the power is off while dumping the pest. Even though you don’t need to put a hand inside the panel still there is a possibility to get a shock if your skin or finger come closer to the ionized area.
  • And finally, keep an eye on your setup. Your curious pet or kid can go near and mess with it by any chance. So, try to keep the trap out of kid’s sight and train your pet, so they don’t go near it.

Pros and Cons of Using Rat Traps

Here we are going to talk about what is the advantages and disadvantages of using different rat traps. Have a look them below.

Live Catch Rat Trap

Pros- The only good side about this trap is, the rat is alive during caught. If keep an animal alive is feels more humanely to you than live catch mouse traps are right to have.

Cons- This type of traps has a thin mesh which easily destructible. The rodent can chew the net and escape out. The next thing is disposable. The first thing is its hard to deal with angry, scary rats. Second, let out the rat far from the house. Rats have a natural home instinct so they could come back quickly. And finally, if you live in a city where you are going to let it go without causing trouble for another people? If you have the option to throw it out in forest chances are it will be killed by other animals or die from starving thus home rats are not used to manage foods in the wild.

Glue Rat Traps

Pros- Glue traps are very affordable and require zero effort to set up. A four pack of glue taps cost only 5 dollars. when the rat is dead, you can throw the entire trap out and place a new one.

Cons- Most cases it won’t kill a rat. Killing the rat later or throw the entire trap with a live rat is a hassle. Also, the possibility is the rat stuck partially, and it manages to chew the stuck side and escape.

Snap Rat Traps

Pros- While coming to rat trap, most people think of snap traps. This trap is also efficient, less expensive, and reusable. It has a powerful closing force that kills a rat instantly.

Cons- For bait snap traps need moist baits that stick on the panel. Also setting the trap daily is another hassles. The trap kills a rat and most time it bleeds badly. And that cause major stinks even after washing.

Final Words

Using traps is a doubtful act either its good to kill a creature or not. Rats might not work with targeting one’s house or damaging things, their work is only for food and survival, but still human can’t stand their presence in the house. And there are solid reasons why you need to use rat trap in a home, workshop, barn, etc. The good thing is the rat trap minimize the damage or contamination in the kitchen, bakery, factory, warehouse, and other home/commercial places by killing rats. Also, rats carry deadly diseases like plugs, etc. by killing them you and your near one could be safe.

So, considering the environment and other circumstances, choose the best rat trap for a place. Follow the suggestions we made here and get a right one today. Because ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your house is only in your hands and don’t ruin that by this little destructive creatures anymore.


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