Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap Review | Is It Worth The Price?

Are you tired go buying different mole traps, poison or repellent to make your house mole free but could not get a successful solution? We, don’t look further, we have found one of the best mole trap that you will get a chance to know from this Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap review.Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap


The Victor Mole Trap Plunger Style is a steel made spring mole trap. You need to place it above the mole tunnel, triggering correctly. So, once the spring is moved by anything, it fires directly and catches/kill the thing. You can use it your lawn, garage, basement, or anywhere that is affected by moles. This trap is safe to use, and one physically active person can set it up single-handedly.

Why You Should Buy the Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap

The Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap 0645 is exceptional from other steel mole trap. It’s rigid in construction, compact in size and does what it claims. Once it installs, the trap won’t miss or kill a chance when a mole passes by under it.

The trap is made for all kind of soil to work. It’s also weather resistance. The steel body can be buried under dump or dry land for months and remain new and workable.

Comparison to live trap or repellents a killing trap is harsher but kind in minimizing those critters. You get two benefits from the trap.

One the killed mole can be buried under soil or throw it away. It’s not poisonous as those mole liking chemicals. So, it’s safe for your pets, plants, and overall environment.

Two helps to minimize the number of moles. The extensive amount of mole can be reduced by using multiple traps in active tunnels.

Sturdy Construction

The Victor plunger style mole trap is very sturdy from inside to out. It’s made of high-quality steel and springs are heat-treated. Eventually, these are made for years of usage. You can bury it for several weeks and store it in the garage or storage later. All you need is keep the trap clean once the work is done.

The trap is water and corrosion-resistant. You can use it in soil, sand, etc. where the whole trap can stand and correctly aim an object aka moles.

Perfect for Killing Moles

The mole killing trap from Victor is an efficient option to get rid of moles. The size of the trap is suitable for small to mid-size of moles. If you can place 2-3 traps in different points of your yard where moles are roamed often; chances are you will get the better result. If you have 1 acre of lawn get 3-4 traps to cover the area. If place well, chances are you will get 1-3 dead moles each day on the beginning. Later check the traps once in 4-7 days to see if there is any new mole stuck in the spikes.

Easy to Clean

The trap is relatively easy to clean. Once you get the trap out from the tunnel with the dead mole, the next process is simple. Just take a shovel and get rid of the mole and dump it on the other side of the garden. If you make fertilizer by decomposing!

Another way is, take a small bag and put the dead mole inside of it, later through the whole thing in the dustbin. You can clear the trap by water and use it later. Your trap is ready to take all kind of heat, moisture, slat, etc. from the environment.



  • The trap comes fully assembled.
  • Don’t get any kind of rust due to dampness, or grim.
  • Comes with s safety clip for secure operation.
  • Usable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Suitable for every type of soil.
  • Hassle-free cleaning. 


  • It’s a tiny size mole and sometimes misses the bigger moles.
  • No option for modification. 

How to Set the Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap

The entire process takes 5-10 mins max. But in the first few usages, it seems very hard to adjust. Once you figure out how to do that easily, you will set the trap within a few mins.

Alternative Products

So, it’s time to take some other product as mole distractor. If your house or lawn is full of large moles, you can think about this alternative trap, the Tomcat Mole Trap. This one is especially good at large sizes of old moles which creates colonies and train the babies. This one is cheap too. Infect you can take this and some Victor Plunger trap to get the maximum result to kill different size of moles.

All you need to set the trap center of the tunnel. Yes, the trap is pretty powerful and need force to set. Anyone stronger with arm power can do this job for you. Otherwise, the setting is pretty much straightforward.  The trap better work where moles get most food sources like near the flower/ vegetable rotten or any place where they get worms.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Will the trap work on tunnels up against the wall?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the actual size of it?

A: 4.3 x 5.5 x 14.1 inches.

Q: Is it made of stainless steel?

A: Not stainless steel, but made of good quality steel.


Final Words

At the completion of Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap review, you have known how the mole traps work actually. Comparison to others, this one is pretty affordable. For the features and design its basic style killing traps but does its job well. There are many traps available in the market, but this one is prevalent from the starting till now. This one may work little hard to set correctly; thus spring types traps are sensitive and require more energy to set. But still, Victor Mole Trap Plunger Style is a safe and reliable option to make your home and yard mole free.

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