Tomcat Mouse Trap Reviews | 370910 Rat & Mouse Killer Child & Dog Resistant

Rat is a very disturbing and risky animal you know. They are disturbing and you agree with me but do you have any question about the word “risky”?

Yes, they are a risky animal too. They are the animals that can transmit more than 20 diseases such as plague, Lassa fever, etc. At the last stage of these diseases, you die also. Can you imagine how much risky the animals are!

Maybe you are searching for the best rat killer device which can ensure the death of every rat. If a rat can recognize any trap it also warns all the rats by leaving urine and stool. So, the first factor to ensure killing a rat is the trap or device should have the ability to kill every rat which takes bait once.

Tomcat Mouse Trap Reviews


Tomcat Mouse Trap Reviews will give you the address such of a device that is really effective and ensures you can eradicate rat and mouse from your house.

Tomcat mouse killer is that device which ensures every kill by using poison bait.

Why Should You Choose Tomcat Mouse Trap?

This is really a big and important question, why you should choose this device? There have so many mice traps but which reasons we are talking about tomcat rat trap?

When anything performs well or has an effective function then we called it a good device. When it comes to the easy operating system then we can call it better. But, if its construction materials are durable, easily usable, and have the best function, then we call it the best product. According to these points of view, this is a best rat trap device.

The kit kills the rat and mice by using poison bait and there is no chance of living of pests if eat once. The poison works on its nervous system and within a very short time, the nervous system is dead as a result rat is killed.

This is the ideal rat trap and we can say it ideal because this kit is resistant for your adorable child and pet dog. The chance of creating any accidental occurrence is zero. It ensures the highest level of safety. If a product gives you the best service keeping the adequate safety measures then can you say its nothing but best? Let’s see its exciting features which make it one of the best rat killer.

Refillable Station

This item comes with fifteen poison baits. For the first time, you usually use this bait and you notice catch is made? After 3 catches you see the station has no bait. Can’t you use the device anymore?Tomcat Refillable Station

Why not? The bait station is refillable. When you see the station has not bait just refill with new poison bait. And obviously, you are ready to kill 3 rats again.

Easy Bait Monitoring Property

Just think you use a rat trap that allows setting bait by the opening of the trap. After some time you want to check the bait but for that, you need to open the trap. Would you feel normal at the time?Tomcat Easy Bait Monitoring Property

But, the kit never let you feel that experience. The trap has a window. You always monitor the bait and you can see when it becomes empty. This feature makes the tomcat live catch mouse trap. Thanks, tomcat for the feature.

Kid and Dog Resistant

Poison is always risky and it becomes more times risky especially when you have beloved kids and pet in the house. But, does the rat and mouse killer risky for you? Obviously not and not at all.

This kit has a bait station but it always belongs inside the trap. So, there has no chance of ingestion of the poison bait by your pets and kids. As this is why the device is fully resistant to kids and dog.

Weather and Tamper Resistant

This is a great feature we think. Because of being weather resistant it can be used in indoor and outdoor. But, try to use within 50 feet of building.

On the other hand, the poison is tamper-resistant. That means you should always keep the bait in an inaccessible location as your kids and pet cannot trace it.


  • Safe for kids and dog.
  • Each bait can make 3 kills.
  • 15 baits come with the kit.
  • Temper and water resistant. 


  • Supplied bait cannot kill rat effectively.

Alternative Products

No confusion about the product quality and effectiveness but is there any product that can be compared with this tomcat mousetrap?

Tomcat 371110 Mouse Killer

You may find some of the product which works better but the difference in the price. It is really difficult to find out another product as like it. But, after long time research we able to find one item that can be compared with this kit. That is Tomcat 371110 Mouse Killer.

This station is also able to kill mice effectively. The station also has a transparent lid and you can easily monitor the bait. This station has also maintained a balance between its price and functional quality. But its functional quality is not as good as Tomcat 370910.Tomcat 371110 Mouse Killer

Key Features

  • Effective for indoor uses.
  • Each bait can kill up to 12 mice.
  • Kids safe.
  • Weather and temper
  • Very low price. 


  • Brand: Tomcat.
  • Weight: 0.48 Ounces.
  • Dimension: 1.5 x 6.2 x 4.2 Inches. 


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Does the item come with poison bait?

A: Yes. You find 15 baits (30g) with the item that can be used several days.

Q: Can I use it in all weather?

A: It is made especially to use indoor. However you indoor weather it can be used in all condition.

Q: Is it safe for my house?

Yes, it is safe for your house as it is resistant for kids and pet dog.


Final Words

No doubt about the rat and mouse killer but to make it most effective you should place it in the right place. If you place it in an area where rats are not seen then it seems useless. Use highly toxic bait that is able to kill rats and mouse and must wear a glove before placing bait o the bait station. We hope Tomcat Mouse Trap reviews can introduce you to the best rat and mouse killer.

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