Odesos Bucket Mouse Trap Review | Live Catch & Release Bucket Spin Roller

Does your house is overcrowded with rat infestation? Have you reached to the last stage of annoying? Does your house become dirty with the feces and urine of mouse?

If at least one question’s answer is yes, you really crossed the last stage of patience. Now you need to find out an effective way by which you can drive away all mouse completely.

We think, you, of course, used many types of the trap but they cannot expel them fully. Are we right?

If so, we advise you to use such a mouse trap that can catch a large number mouse at a time and it should be highly functioning. After a long time research, we are here to present you a bucket mouse trap that really meets to your needs.

Odesos Bucket Mouse Trap Review


Odesos Bucket Mouse Trap is a perfect and highly effective set that can fulfill your needs as well as helps to drive away all mouse completely.

Why Should You Choose The Odesos Bucket Mouse Trap?

Very simple, different types of the task need different types of the instrument according to their efficiency and needs also. This is a trap is really a perfect kit to catch large number mouse. At the same time, the trap gives you two options, you can release them away from your house either you can kill them.

How Many Mouse Traps Give You This Option?

Using the mouse trap you can catch a mouse on a large scale that is true, but is this the only reason you should choose this kit? Of course not. This is the set of mouse trap that ensures every catch effectively. The trap is as light and spins finely, just after trying to move on the trap a very small mouse is bound to fall in the bucket also. Thanks to the manufacturer to produce ultra-light mousetrap.

But when you look at the price you really get surprised. It is almost ibmpossible to find another mouse trap that works great at this price. That means, the trap not only perfect for catches rat efficiently, but it is also cost-friendly at the same time.

It’s the time to look its exciting features in details which makes the trap best performing.

Ultra-Light and Spin Perfectly

The manufacturer makes the trap ultra-light which is a great feature. The trap is also engineered in a way so that it can spin finely. The lightweight property also helps to spin smoothly. If the trap is heavyweight it does not spin freely.Ultra-Light and Spin Perfectly 5 Gallon Bucket Rat Trap

A rat or small mice is coming over the boards easily and when it starts to walk on the trap it will automatically fall down by the spinning effect. It is just quite impossible to jump without falling on it.

Easy to Setup and Use

Easy to Setup and Use Water Bucket Rat TrapThe trap’s setup option is very easy as well as usable easily. You just need two boards and a standard size (5 Gallon) bucket. First of all, fill the half of the bucket with water. Then place the trap with bait over the bucket as it does not fall down. Then lean the two boards to the upper portion of the bucket wall as it connects with the trap. Setup is done and starts to count the number of catches.

Highly Effective Bucket Mouse Trap Roller

The trap is really highly effective. If you don’t satisfied with its function and quality you can return it anytime within 1 year. The manufacturer also tests the trap before publishing it to the market and they observed it efficiency. That is why the manufacturer can give you return option with refund full money.

Safe for the Kids and other Pet

The trap highly recommendable at the same time it is also safe. The mouse does not require electricity or spring that may risky for your child and pets. On the side, there is no need to use poisonous and toxic bait which is dissimilar to the other mousetrap. So, the trap is fully safe.Safe for the Kids and other Pet


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is not possible to jump over it.
  • Easy operating.
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be used safely anywhere.
  • Comes with 12 months free warranty. 


  • Need to monitor of catches. 

Alternative Products

Now we have a clear idea about the trap but we do not stop at this stage. We tried to find some other mouse traps that are also good.

Catcha 2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap

This the trap that works on a spring system. It is also effective and very easy to use. As same as Odesos mousetrap, it does not need any poison or toxic bait. You can use the kit many times and this trap gives you the option to kill or drive away the mouse.

Catcha 2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap

Key Features

  • Live catch mouse trap with easy setup features.
  • Zero escape chance.
  • Ideal for indoor use as well as kids and pet-friendly.
  • Reusable and easy to clean.
  • No need poison or chemical. 


  • Brand: Catcha.
  • Weight: 9.6 Ounces.
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.9 x 2.7 Inches. 


FABUTA Plank Mouse Trap from Oak Wood

It is a plank mousetrap by which you also able to catch more and more mouse. A plank of the trap engineered in a way the mouse can reach to the bait easily. This trap also never requires toxic and poison bait but catch is made effectively. After all, the trap is really good but its price is just near to the double of Odesos rat trap.

FABUTA Plank Mouse Trap from Oak Wood

Key Features

  • Custom designed and foldable bucket mouse trap.
  • Oak Wood Materials for better durability and
  • Human-mouse trap with no toxic, chemical or poison.
  • Kids and pet safely.
  • Automatically reset the trap to catch multiple mice at a time. 


  • Brand: FABUTA.
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces.
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 3.7 x 2 Inches. 


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is there any chance of slipping while mouse goes up?

A: If lean the boards on a perfect angle, there is no possibility of slipping down.

Q: How long I use the trap?

A: Usually more than 5 years you can use the kit efficiently.

Q: Does it need toxic bait?

A: The trap never requires any toxic or poison bait.

Q: Does the trap fit with any size bucket?

A: Sorry, the trap only fit with specific dimension 5-gallon bucket. And that’s why this is also well-known as 5 Gallon Bucket Mouse Trap.


Final Words

The trap is so simple to look at but, could you guess about its effectiveness? Not only the trap is simple, but it also requires simple things to set up. Can you tell me about a bucket rat trap that is cost-effective but high performing as like this trap? You are searching but you don’t find anything. So, this Bucket Mouse Trap is undoubtedly one of the best live mouse traps.

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