What is the Best Bait for Rat Trap that Actually Works?

Rats can get into our house through a gap or a small hole around the house, but we never know about it. Rats belong to disgusting animals that will eat anything inside your house including foods, woods, and clothes. Moreover, these rats can also bring some dangerous diseases and even can put the human to death. So, it is important to get rid of rats from your house by making a rat trap with bait. You can also use rat poison or rat repellent that can also work well. But using rat poison may not a good idea for home, especially for those home where kids and pet live. So, What Is The Best Bait For Rat Trap That Actually Works? You may consider these following best rat bait that most of the people use to trap some rats.Best Bait for Rat Trap

What is the Best Bait for a Rat Trap

Peanut Butter

Basically, all kinds of sweet foods are the most preferred food of rats. These rodents also really like grains and nuts. So, peanut butter is a perfect food in the sense of smell and taste of rats. Peanut butter brings out a sweet aroma combined with the smell of peanuts. When it is felt, peanut butter is also very sweet so it suits the taste of rats. And it’s also considered as one of the Best Rat Bait for Trap.

Peanut Butter - Best Rat Bait

Pro Tips 1: Peanut Butter works great for Snap Trap, Electric Rat Trap, and Live Rat Trap.

Meat and Sausage

Do you have chicken, beef or sausage at home? You can use one of these foods for the best bait to catch rats. Do you need to cook it first? Well, it will be better if you cook it before you use it as a bait. The smell of cooked meat is usually stronger than raw meat or sausage. You do not need to put that much, just leave a small piece of meat or sausage in the trap or just place the meat or sausage near the trap and leave it overnight until the rats eat it and then they will be trapped.Meat and Sausage - Best Rat Bait for Trap

Salted Fish

What to put in a rat trap? Cats are not the only animals that really like salted fish, but rats also like salted fish. So, this must be a good choice for the best rat trap bait because salted fish has a very strong smell that can attract rats. A student had conducted research to see the success of the rat trap baits. As a result, salted fish ranks first as the most successful food as the best rat bait.

Pro Tips 2: Use Live Rat Trap to catch more mice easily.


It is common knowledge that rats really like sweet foods. Honey is the most perfect bait to catch rats and mice. Its sticky texture and sweet taste are the best mixes for rat bait. To make honey a bait, just use one tablespoon of honey and place it near the trap. The sweet aroma of honey will reach the smell of rats and they will be tempted to approach it. Because of its sticky texture, rats won’t be able to eat honey quickly. When the rat is engrossed in licking honey, it will not be aware of being trapped.Honey - Best Rat Trap Bait


Everybody loves chocolate because it is sweet and delicious. So, it is not a bad idea to make chocolate the best bait for rat trap because they also like to eat sweet foods too. Chocolate is the best bait to catch home mice or rats. You only need a small piece of chocolate stem and then put it near the trap. The mouse will bite the chocolate because it tastes sweet. If there is no chocolate bar, you can use chocolate jam or other chocolate products.Chocolate - Best Bait for Victor Rat Trap

Pro Tips 3: Don’t forget to wear gloves while baiting.


The most preferred food for rats is sweet candy. However, candy with hard texture cannot be the best bait for victor rat trap. You need the soft one, soft candy, like marshmallows. Everybody likes marshmallows, especially rats or mice that may roam around you. Simply, place a piece of marshmallow near the trap. Although the aroma of the marshmallow is not too strong, a rat’s smell is very sensitive, and it will immediately approach the marshmallow feed.What to Put in a Rat Trap - Marshmallow


As a rodent that can eat anything, rats are one of the animals that can be fed using fresh fruits. In this case, fruits can be the best food for a rat trap. However, make sure the fruit is indeed worth consuming because the sense of smell of mice or rats is very sensitive. You can use grapes, papaya, or watermelon that has been cut so that the rats can eat the fruit directly. If possible, you can use fruit with a sweet taste to attract the attention of rats.Fruits - Best Food for Rat Trap

Pro Tips 4: Use Electric Rat Trap to kill rats and mice instantly as well as humanly.


You might have watched Tom and Jerry the movie where Tom always makes a trap using cheese. Well, it is true that rats or mice like cheese.  Why do rats or mice really like cheese? It is all because cheese has a very strong smell and rats also like the taste. So, it is not a bad idea that you follow what Tom does as shown in the movie to trap your disgusting Jerry at home.Cheese


Do you have cereal at home? Anyway, cereal can be the best bait option for a rat trap. As you know, cereal is also made from wheat which also comes from nuts. So, the aroma of cereals can make the rats come into the trap. How to use it? Simply, you can provide a trap and then put some cereals in the trap. Leave it overnight and check back in the morning.

Pro Tips 5: Use longer and thinner bait to catch more rats.

Sweet Potato

The natural sweetness makes sweet potatoes also become the most preferred food of rats, especially if it is boiled or burned first which will make the distinctive aroma reach the smell of the rats. In the countryside, the people made their own rats traps by using sweet potatoes as best rat trap bait. It is not only inexpensive, but you can also find sweet potatoes anywhere. So, you can just buy sweet potatoes, process them for a while, then make this sweet potato as a bait to attract the attention of rats.

Some Other Baits to Catch Rats

Here are some other options you can try to catch mice.

  • Beacon
  • Gumdrops
  • Dried Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Slices of Hot Dogs
  • Dental Floss
  • Slugs
  • Corn Meal
  • Dog Food
  • Chicken Feed
  • Oatmeal Cake
  • Sugar Cubes
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Jelly Beans
  • Cat Food
  • Almond Butter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cookies

Final Words

In conclusion, what is the Best Bait for Rat Trap? Anyway, those are the best food for the rat trap that you can try. In fact, there are so many other foods which are also good for baits just in case you really want to get rid of rats from your house.

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