10 Best Rat Poisons that Actually Works in 2021

Farnam Just One Bite II Bar (Editor's Choice)

D-Con Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station
Neogen Ramik Green Rat Poison
Farnam Just One Bite II Bar
  • Brand: D-Con

  • Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum

  • Package Weight: 5.6 Ounces


  • Active Ingredient: 1st Generation Anticoagulant: Diphacinone (.005%)

  • Package Weight: 4 Pounds

  • Brand: Farnam

  • Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum

  • Package Weight: 2 Pounds

Rats are a common problem for most households. Best rat poison can save your back from all the damages caused by house rats. TheBest Rat Poison good thing is rat and mice poisons are effective on house mice, rodents, chipmunks, squirrels as well. There are options for choosing different types of rat poison which offer various benefits for placing, less toxin, and easy handling.

There is another option to minimize rat problems, placing rat traps or call an entire pest control company to make your house “rodent-free.” But the easiest, efficient, and old school theory for rat control is rat poisons.

What is the Best Rat Poison?

  1. D-Con Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station
  2. Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Weather Resistant Rodenticide Nuggets
  3. Farnam Just One Bite II Bar
  4. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx
  5. RatX All-Natural Non-Toxic Humane Rat and Mouse Killer Pellets

Top 10 Most Effective Rat Poison Reviews

Here we are going to share some information about rat poisons so you can purchase the most effective mouse poison online. Have a look down below.

1. D-Con Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait StationD-Con Rat Poison

The D-Con Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station is a bait+trap combo that effectively works to kill rats. The good thing is, rats eat in the station and die in another place. This rat poison comes in two different sizes, 6 and 20 bait refills. It’s a low profile bait station that is 7 by 3 inches in size.

The station house has one door for entrance, in the center the bait and another door for exit. Rats usually attract by the smell of D-Con Rat Poison block, eat the bait, and leave before dying.

The good thing is the design of the D’con rat prison is good to survive in extreme outside temperatures. Also, your curious kid or pet won’t touch the bait easily or chew it out. So, you can place this best mouse bait poison any corner, attics, behind appliances, basements, sheds or garages of your house.


  • Low profile design and take a small space of your house.
  • Completely child and pet resistant.
  • Withstand weather so usable in both indoor and outdoor.
  • Fit for small corner behind appliances, basements, garages, etc.
  • Affordable price.


  • The block size may not be practical for some rats as the pellets baits.


2. Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Weather Resistant Rodenticide NuggetsNeogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Rat Poison

The Neogen Ramik Green Rat Poison also well-known as “Ramik Rat Poison” made of 1st Generation Anticoagulant: Diphacinone (.005%). One of the best rodent poison that can kill rats, mice, and Meadow Voles.

If you think rats are avoiding the bait or pellets that you are placing, then you can try this one. Because the mouse poison pellets come with unique fish flavor. And this flavor helps to attract mice’s attention.

This lethal poison can take up to 4-5 days to kill rats and mice after taking the dose. Also, this is an all-weather rodenticide, which means you can use it both indoor and outdoor.

But as it comes with fish flavor, so it may also attract cats and dog’s attention. So be careful while using the outdoor and if pets are available in the area.


  • Mouse killer food bait poison comes with wax-free formula.
  • No need extra bait.
  • Perfect for dump area.
  • Available in larger size packs, so commercial use takes less cost.
  • Best roof rat poison also works for house mice, Norway rats, cotton rats, etc.


  • This is not a pet-friendly mouse poison.
  • Not works well as an instant rat killer.


3. Farnam Just One Bite II BarFarnam Just One Bite II Bar

Here is another smart pack of rat killer that deals with house rats, Norway rats, and roof rats. It’s 16 oz. Bromadiolone poison that proven to work kills these annoying creatures. A single feeding is enough to kill them immediately.

This bite needs a bait station to feed and function. You can mount it on the wall also for roof rats. A single bar breaks into 2 oz. of pieces which easily usable for bait stations or mounting on walls, trees, etc.

Most of the time the rats eat from one place and die in another location, so you don’t have trouble dealing with their stinky bodies. However, you have cats or dogs in the house, be careful to place the baits, and with the dead rats afterward.


  • Efficient poison for all sizes of rats, mice, and rodents.
  • Good for using barns, garages, the field including indoor.
  • Chunks are suitable for mounting on walls.
  • Kills roof, Norway and house rats easily.


  • Requires bait station.
  • Dangerous for pets and other wild animals.


4. Tomcat All-Weather Bait ChunxTomCat Rat Poison

The Tomcat, All-weather bait Chunx, is the is block bait that is made for killing all sizes and types of rats, mice, rodents. It’s suitable to kill squirrels, chipmunks also.

The 4 lbs of lures come into a plastic bucket which even useable directly to feed rats. The good thing is the chunks of Tomcat bait are usable for mounting on a wall, a bait station, etc.

There is confusion about this commercial rat poison from many TomCat Rat Poison Reviews. The bucket is miss-marked with Bromadiolone as its main ingredient. But in reality, the main component of this rat-kill is the first generation of Rodenticides. It’s a primary element for killing pests especially rats, mice, etc. for old rat poison.

However, a study shows that the use of Rodenticides may build up resistance to the next-generation animal. That means, if this chemical had been used in the past, the possibility is at present, rats or mice of the area may not be dead after consuming it.

So, for some areas, this particular poison may not be that effective that it is meant for. If you don’t find a good result with it switch new rat poisons containing Bromadiolone’ and ‘Diphacinone.


  • Weather-proof baits.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Suitable to use in bait stations.
  • Works on squirrels, chipmunks, etc. too.


  • Pricey product.
  • Contain the first generation of Rodenticides, so it might not affect in some area’s mice which are the resistance to this chemical.


5. EcoClear Products RatX 620102, Humane All-Natural Non-Toxic Rat and Mouse KillerEcoClear Products RatX 620102 Rat Poison

If you are looking for the safest rat poison that made of natural green ingredients and less toxic to other animals and plants then the EcoClear Products RatX Rat Poison Pellets, is the right one. This is made of natural ingredients (like sodium, potassium, cornmeal, etc.) and a method to eradicate rats in just one feeding.

Also, it does not contaminate crops, vegetables, or any food of your firm. This poison is safe to deal with and store so anyone can use it at anyplace anytime.

This natural rat poison does not work on moles, voles, gophers, etc. it only targets rats and mice, and once it eats the bait, the action is started immediately.


  • Kill rats within a short time.
  • Non-toxic poison so does not pollute the environment.
  • Pet safe rat poison, so you can use it at farms, rice fields, etc.
  • Has separate options for mouse baits including different pack sizes.


  • Pricey product.
  • In some cases, rats take too much time to consume it finally.


6. Just One Bite Ii Bars Mice And Rat KillerJust One Bite Ii Bars

If you are feed up with small rats everywhere in your house, the Just One Bite Li Bars are best to minimize the problems. This one work for rats, mice, rodents, squirrels, sometimes even lemurs. Well, the point is this instant kill rat poison is very efficient on these small critters. So if you have pets in your house, watch it out to put the bite outside.

The using process of just one bite of rat poison is straightforward. You can break it into chunks and spread it on where the rats mostly walk. Also, you can use it on a bite station too. For roof rats, it’s best to place them in walls.


  • Work on squirrels, chipmunks also.
  • Mountable on bait station, roof-nails, and wires.
  • You can spread the chunks randomly, and it will work well too.
  • Kill the small and medium size of rats and mice significantly.


  • Expensive product.
  • Not good for outsides.
  • In some cases, big rats become lethargic but don’t die.


7. Farnam Just One Bite IIFarnam Just One Bite II

So the worst part of using pellet poison is they lose the effectiveness once out of the pack for a long time. To solve this problem, Farnam Just One Bite II is the best option. This best poison for killing rats comes into a 1.5-ounce pellet pack. Per 1.5 oz of the package contains 0.005% of Bromadiolone of this rat poison.

It causes a slow death but still, it’s one of the best mice killer of the market. When a rat eats this, they don’t feel much different after 2/3 days. But later on, day die. Immediate death doesn’t create chaos inside the rat’s clan, so they adopt this new food very well.

This one is suitable for house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. The good thing is it doesn’t get moldy even after a few weeks of exposure. So, you got less food wastage and a better result.


  • Very effective bait for the roof, house, and Norway rats.
  • Rats and mice easily attracted by the smell.
  • Has a tightly fitted container with a lid and handle for better storing.
  • Stay fresh and potent for a long time.
  • Easily spreadable pellets.
  • Suitable to use on bait stations.


  • Expensive product.


8. 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide Kills Mice & Rats18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide Kills Mice & Rats

Here is a full-size pack for years of supply, the Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide is best for finish clans of mice and rats.

This is an 18 lbs package and lasts for 2/3 years if unopened. We can’t say it for the open blocks because they tend to get mold in a moist climate. This rat poison block is multi-edges, and within a single feeding, it kills roof rats, house mice, and rodents pretty well.

The blocks are formulated with a unique blend of food-grade elements and low wax. its good for attracting rodents and also easy to mount on bait stations.

If your pet eats it accidentally, the possibility is, this poison will not kill them instantly. Its secondary poisoning is very few with the contract. So this might make them lethal.


  • Kills rats and house mice.
  • Less dangerous for pets for a single feeding.
  • The blocks can be used for more than two years if the package is unopened.
  • Kill the best pretty first.


  • The blocks got moldy easily in moist weather.


9. Havoc Rat & Mouse BaitHavoc Rat & Mouse Bait

If you need an ample supply of pallets, then Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait is a good option for that. It’s a 10.6 lbs of the bucket with years of supply for rat and mouse bait pallets.

This one contains a second-generation rodenticide which combines Brodifacoum. The Brodifacoum is one of the strongest anticoagulant rodenticides; each 1-ounce pellets comprises 0.005% of Brodifacoum and food ingredient formula for rodents. That is why a single-feed bait delivers the ultimate first result on different types of rats, roof rats, house mice, and Norway rats.

However, this bait is very poisonous and risky to handle. It’s safe to use with a bait station or left the pack open without touching. All the curious rats will do the rest of the work.


  • Open pellets do not dry out quickly.
  • Effective on rats, mice, and squirrels.
  • Made of the second-generation anticoagulant.
  • Comes into a well-fitted bucket.
  • Useable for a long time too.


  • The consumption rate is slow for some rodents.
  • Pricy bait brand.


10. JT Eaton 704-PN Bait BlockJT Eaton 704-PN Bait Block

The JT Eaton 704-PN Bait Block is our last recommended rat poison bait that is also popular for its effectiveness. The poison bait comes with the peanut butter flavor that attracts mice’s attention and they eat the bait easily. This is a slow working rat poison, so it may take up to 7 days to kill rats and mice after they having it.

The main ingredient of this poison is “Diphacinone” that works a little bit slowly but one of the best rat killers on the market. The poison bait also works great for other types of rodents. But it most effective for Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.

You can place the bait block both indoor and outdoor. But be careful about pets and children before placing an open area.


  • Ideal for industrial/commercial use.
  • Works well to eliminate car or ship mice.
  • Pet-friendly poison bait block.


  • Kill mice slowly.
  • Can be harmful to pets if placing instruction not followed properly.


What is Rat Poison

Rat poison is the informal name of Rodenticides. It’s a pest control chemical which made and sold for killing rats, mice, and rodents. It comes into both solid and liquid forms. When Rodenticides is consumed by a rodent, it will take 12 to 78 hours to work and finally kill the animal.

Types of Rat Poison

There are three types of rat poisons are available. Here is some explanation of these three. Have a look below.Types of Rat Poison

  • Bromethalin

This one is a neurotoxin chemical target mammal’s brain and liver. This poison cause sodium accumulation in the liver cells and fluid buildup inside the brain.

A single dose of Bromethalin can cause the death of multiple rats even the moles. That’s why this is also known as “Single Feed or Fast Rat Poison”. This one is also dangerous for your pets.

  • Vitamin-Based

Rat poison pellets made of Vitamin D is somewhat slower than the first one and well-known as “Multi-Feeding Rat Poison”. This toxin is flooding into the rat’s internal body system and acts gradually. It may take 24 hours or more time to effect after ingestion.

  • Anti-Coagulants

This one is the most common type of poisonous anti-coagulants. It has chemical components that prevent blood clotting. Some popular rodenticide of this group is fumarin and warfarin. These are very slow at acting and takes several days to kill.

How Does Rat Poison Work

Rat poisons are an excellent combination of anticoagulants various forms of vitamin D and metal phosphides.

These materials can cause internal bleeding, massive cell destruction, dehydration, vomiting, etc.

Metal phosphides caused fast death by single does. The death time rate will short if the dose will be higher. When this metal goes into the stomach, it creates toxic phosphine gas. The gas blocks the body cells from generating energy, so the cells start to die. Phosphine gas has a significant impact on the damage to the heart, liver, kidney, and brain.

However, different forms of vitamin D like Vitamin D2, D3, and calcium will cause stomach irritation by reacting to metal components of rat poisons and cause, vomiting, dehydration, irritability, constipation, and other problems.

How to Choose the Best Mice Poison

Look for these listed factors below while selecting the best mouse poison on the market.

  • The Ingredients

Many chemicals like ammonia, calciferols, arsenic, thallium, and barium make a rat poison useful. Good rat poison can contain some of them or especially target one ingredient like metal phosphide or anti-coagulants.

However, arsenic, thallium, metal phosphide, etc. are very dangerous for all living things once ingested. The rest of the ingredients are more lethal at work.

  • Form of ToxinsChoose the right type of poison

Many forms of toxin or rat poison are available, and all work the same if you know which one is best for which situation. Like, for the block baits are much better on mounting walls, bait stations, snap traps. Thus these have a uniform hard waxed body, so it stays well in all-weather conditions.

Pellets are good for barns, rice fields, basement, garages. You can use a bait station, so there is less mess with feeding.

Also, there is a liquid toxin for making a water trap for rats, mice, and rodents. The rat poison powder is also an option, but it makes a mess than do something useful more.

  • Safety

If you have toddlers or cats/dogs at the house, choosing the rat poison is more tricky. We will suggest you get anti-coagulants toxin thus they impact slow on the big size of animals. Also, using them on plants or grass will less damage the environment. You can also try DIY Rat Poison if you consider the maximum safety issue.

  • Quantity

Don’t grab a whole 15 oz. of package thinking of killing a house full of rats. If it’s your first time. Determining the mouse population is tough. Buy a few amounts of poison which goods for over two weeks to 1 month if there are few presences of rats.

Usually, rats take time to show interest in new foods. So give them time to get familiar with it. You should go for 10-15 oz of packages if you need to cover a large area of your farm/house for enormous rats.

Safety Points Should Consider While Using Rat Poison

When placing bait or spread poison pellets you should consider some critical points in order to make it efficient and safe as much Safety Points Should Consider While Using Rat Poisonas possible. So,

  • Survey The Site

In a flat, it’s easy to find where rats are mostly coming from or out. But in significant areas where space is extensive and has numerous paths, you have to deal with where you should place the beat carefully.

So, look around and find where food sources and water are mostly available. Also, consider if is there anything like a vegetable field, warehouse, stables, poultry firm near or not.

Before placing bait consider other components like the safety of other living creatures, contamination, etc. are necessary too.

  • Set The Time

Use rat poison for as long as it needs to achieve target results. Don’t use a bait longer than one month. Try to set the bait after twilight in the countryside where outcry comes down after sunset. In metros, place the poison before going to bed or when all the house light is going to turn off. Rats are mostly roaming in the dark if they are not too thirsty or hungry.

  • Inspect The Area Often

After successfully placing a bait, occasionally check either the rats eating or not. If the poison has been swallowed in a substantial quantity, the possibility is there are some weak or dead mice/rats near around the house.

It’s better to bury a poisonous dead rat besides dumping it in a trash can. It might harm other animals or your pets. From start to finish using hand gloves to placing the poison and dead rat always.

FAQ’s About Best Mouse Poison

Q: What is the Best Rat Poison on the Market?

A: There are different types of rat poison available in the market from various poison manufactures. Different types of rat poison work well for different types of rat and it also depends on the geographical area.

However, there are some manufacturers who claimed their rat poison products as the best on the market such as Farnam Just One Bite II Bar, Havoc Rat Poison, D-Con Rat Poison, Tomcat Rat Poison, etc.

Q: What To Do If Your Dog Eats Rat Poison?

A: You should contact the Vets as soon as possible. Or you can also call the local Animal Poison Control Authority. They will take care of it.

Q: What Does Rat Poison Look Like?

A: Rat poison available in the market in different shapes and colors. It may look like a tasty snack, grain or round in shape.

Q: How to Keep My Pet Safe from Rat Poison?

A: To keep your pet or kid safe from rat poison, you should use a rat poison bait station. You should also place it in a safe area where dogs or cats can’t go easily.

Q: What Can I Do If My Pet (Dog or Cat) Eat Dead Poisoned Rat?

A: If you think your pest consumed a dead rat body, you should take your pet to the Vet immediately. You can also call Animal Poison Control Authority. But remember that, at first you should know “What Poison Do You or Your Exterminator Used to Kill Rats”.

This will help the Vet or APCA to take action immediately.

Q: Is It a Good Idea to Place Poisoned Bait Into a Rat Trap?

A: Yes. It will help to kill more rats. But you should aware of the place where you are setting the trap. You should set the trap in such a place where pets or kids are not accessible.

Q: Is Using Rat Poison Legal?

A: Yes. For most of the country, it is legal to use rat poison to control them. But in some states of the USA, using some specific type of rat poison is illegal.

Q: Can I Use Rat Poison to Kill Other Harmful Pests?

A: Off-course. You can use rat poison to kill mice, moles, voles, gophers, etc.

Q: What Does Rat Poison Smell Like?

A: Smell of different rat poisons is different. But most of the rat poison smell attractive to the rats so that they can consume it easily. However, some rat poison smell like chicken, some are like cookies, some are like chocolate, etc.

Q: What Rat Poison Is Legal In California?

A: There is no rat poison that is legal in California for self-use. You should hire an exterminator if you want to control rat by poison. But you can use a rat trap or rat repellent to control the rat by yourself.

Q: What Rat Poison Is Safe for Dogs?

A: If you want to use dog-safe rat poison, you should look for a pet-safe rat poison that available in the market. You can also use rat poison bait to reduce the risk.

Where to Buy Rat Poison?

You can buy rat poison from both physical or online store. If you prefer a physical store, then search for your nearest pest control products shop. You can also search for a super shop where you can get mice poison.

On the other hand, several trusted online shops available who sell different pest control products including rat poison. You can check on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Home Depot or Do My Own Store for original rat poison.

Final Words About Best Rat Killer

Our top vote for best rat poison is for Farnam Just One Bite II Bar. This strongest rat poison successfully kills a large number of rats, mice, etc. within 1-3 days. The good thing about this poison is, it stays fresh for a long time so you can use the poison bar for an extended period.

Other options for best mice poisons given here are efficient too for different conditions and different types of rats. So, take a good look and get the most effective rat poison to make your home rats free.

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