Talpirid Mole Bait Review (7150) | Easy Solution of Get Rid of Moles

Mole problems can be easily controllable by using mole baits, traps, and repellent. And if you prefer the first one as non-hassle and less brutal option to get rid of moles, then the Talpirid Mole Bait would be the best option to consider.

Talpirid Mole Bait


The Talpirid mimics the mole’s natural food as bait. You may know moles only eat earthworm which commonly found in a garden; crop filed even in yards. It will be good if moles only eat worms and leave the garden untouched. But the problem is the ruined your beautiful yard in the name of the digging tunnel!

However, to save you and your precious lawn or garden now, you can use the Talpirid Mole Trap. It’s made of highly effective chemical that kills a big size of moles within 24-48 hrs. All you need is to place it in proper space and wait. We tested this bait for three weeks and got a huge difference compared to other traps and repellents. Read on to and learn what we found about it.

Why Should You Buy this Talpirid Mole Bait?

We tried this worm shape bait to our mini garden with veggies. The garden was situated near an old yard with long green grass. That place and our neighbor’s garden are entirely ruined by moles, and now they attached ours. We tied some trap and smoke bomb to get rid of the moles. Our neighbors suggest using solar replants in the garden. Nothing happened. Once we started using the Talpirid Mole Killer, the situation was much better. Here is why,

  • These baits are just like earthworms, in shape and tested, so the moles don’t get suspicious if there are no other smells in it.
  • The baits come in two cases total 20 in quantity. The tray sections are also in worm-shaped. So it’s good to keep them in shape.
  • One package is enough to take care of a garden for months. If there are less than 5 moles, you may not need half of its packaging at once. So, in that case, it’s a money-saving option.
  • The poison works faster once it gets into the stomach. The active ingredients in it melted in the stomach fluid and reached in mole’s vain and blood.

Active Ingredients

The baits are made of Bromethalin. This is the main ingredient of it. Other elements like gelatin, color, and flavors are only to create the shape of it. However, this single bait is sufficient to kill a big size mole. Once the critters eat the lethal does, this may take two days to work ultimately. This bait is workable for all types of moles expects the star-nosed moles.

Easy to Apply

The great thing about the bait is it’s convenient. It’s easy to apply just by poking a hole. You don’t need to use shovels or dig pile of dirt into inserting the baits in the mole’s runway. Use your finger or a wooden stick to make a hole and add a single bait in it. If there is no rain or you did not apply any other chemical in your garden, chances are mole will attract by the newly made air of the hole and the bait and eat it.

Safe for Your Garden

This poison is safe for your garden plants and other insects. Infect it does not contaminate well, tub wells, etc. if the bait is planted near any of it. You should be careful about your pets. A curious pet could dig the garden where mole’s dead body is buried and eat that bad thing and get into trouble.



  • The worms are the same as a real worm by shape and taste.
  • Kills moles in a short period once consume.
  • The box of supply is enough to take care of a big area with multiple moles.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Affordable price. 


  • Very poisonous should handle carefully.
  • Need to store in a cool place; otherwise, it could melt quickly. 

How to Use the Talpirid Mole Bait

The using process of the mole bait is very straight forward. Look for some action or newly made tunnels in your garden. See how many moles are working probably at that time. Now take a wooden stick or anything long and pokes holes. Insert bait in each hole and cover it with light dirt. Don’t fill the gaps let the air and light enter inside the tunnel a bit. You can try putting 3/4 works at different points in your garden. If there are five tunnels, you don’t need to poke holes in all 5.

Use gloves for every application. Don’t touch the worm in bare hands. Check the bait after two days to see any result.

Alternative Products

You can see some other option and try that too at your house. The Victor M6009 Poison Moleworms is another useful option for gardeners or homeowners. It looks like real earthworms and efficiently kills moles. It comes with ten worms, five tunnel locator flag, and a protective glove also. That means you get a complete mole treatment that will make your job much more comfortable.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is it safe for pets?

A: No, its poison so it could be dangerous for any mammals.

Q: How do I know how far to dig and put the worm?

A: You don’t need to dig a hole, poke a hole.

Q: Is it work for voles too?

A: No.


Final Words

So, we are at the end of the Talpirid Mole Killer Review. This is one of the best and secure options to get rid of moles from your garden. The package has complete instructions to tell you about its usage and safety. It’s ok to use poisonous bait if you don’t have any pets which can dig soil or don’t often come close to the mole’s tunnels.

The one pack of bait worms are pleasant to deal with 10+ moles. If the placements are successful, it’s possible to see some results within a few days. Many people ask where to buy Talpirid Mole Bait to us. The process is simple; go to the official page of Bell Laboratories of you can shop is from any reputed e-commerce site that works internationally.

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