Farnam Just One Bite II Bar Rat & Mice Poison Review 2021

You are just staying in the last stage of patience but you cannot make your house free from rats infestation. Is it your story?

If so, continue to read.

Using the old and traditional trap or repellent, it is really difficult to kill or repel the rat and mice, isn’t it?

Do you have any new idea?

Maybe, you aren’t able to find anything new by which you can kill all the rats and mice of your house. That’s why you are here. Don’t worry, you are in the right place and we are very hopeful that we can help you.

If rats and mice can be killed completely by giving them delicious food. Doesn’t the idea is so good?Farnam Just One Bite Review


Yes, we are talking about poison bait and that is none but Farnam Just One Bite. The manufacturer makes it as rats and mice love to chew it. A single feeding is enough to kill the rats and mice effectively. Before that, you should know how to use it and in which way its effectiveness is high. We write for you, just keep reading….

Why Should You Choose the Farnam Just One Bite II Bar Rat & Mice Poison?

You should know of course why we recommend you this item. What are the advantages to which you are going to buy it?

First of all, this rat and mice poison is enough toxic to kill your target species. And it will do the job perfectly for which reason you will buy it.

Secondly, the bait is so much delicious to the rat and they start to eat at first look. A single feeding is enough to kill them efficiently. If rats take the bait for a single time, they will commit to dying.

Then, the poison is ready to use and easy to use. At the same time, you can also get the poison at an affordable price. Is there has any product who offer you a product at an affordable price but it consists of high efficiency.

So, summarizing all the fact we can say, you are searching which, this is that. Let’s take a look at its other exciting features that give you a clear knowledge about it.

Delicious Food for he Rat and Mice

The manufacturer makes the bait poisonous but they also make it keeping the thing in mind what type of food rats like to eat. Yes, they made it. As a result of most of the rat and mice such as roof rats, Norway rats, house rats, Norway rats resistant against warfarin, love it. Some of the poison baits are fallen but rats never touch it but this condition is reversed in this poison bait.

Highly Toxic Poison

Toxicity is the characteristic of poison and the ingredient when come to contact within the body it exerts toxicity. Farnam just one bite ii bar is very tasty to the rats and mice, as a result, they eat it up to a lethal dose. When they consume adequate amount then toxicity start to develop. The active ingredient is bromadiolone which is highly toxic and exerts a lethal effect. As a result, rats and mouse become died.

Highly Effective

Yes, the poison is really highly effective. Some users advise to use it in a large portion if the desired result does not come quickly. Put the pieces of poison bait 3-5 feet interval. If a rat takes the bait, the maximum waiting time is 4-5 days. After the time you see dead rats fallen on the floor. After applying the poison you will get a result within 4-5 days. You also can get a result even in 12 hours. Use Farnam just one bite rat poison, the result must come.


  • Easy to use.
  • Single feeding can kill.
  • Can be used in bait station or freely.
  • Indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Also has some additional. 


  • Chance of contamination is little more. 

Alternative Products

Is this thing will be bad if we know more about rat and mice poison? Definitely not. So, we are going to know the other two poison.

Just One Bite “No Touch” 1.5 oz Packs Poison Pellets

This is a dependable product if you want to kill all rats and mice. You also find so many positive reviews from the users. There are many users who used other poison bait or other method but they didn’t get any benefits. In the end, they used it and got the desired result.

Just One Bite "No Touch" 1.5 oz Packs Poison Pellets


Final Blox Rodenticide 18 lb Pail Bell-1017

This is the poison bait which has a good reputation and it is also able to kill rodent efficiently. It is also highly toxic and ensures rats death. This item can be used in a broad spectrum. If you really want to have an effective poison to kill rat and mice you can buy it.

Final Blox Rodenticide 18 lb Pail Bell-1017


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does the bait harmful if my pets consume it?

A: The answer is more or less yes. It depends on your pet weight and weight of the consumed bait. Usually, it is harmful to your pets.

Q: What should I do if my pets get harm?

A: Contact with the poison control center.

Q: How many days need to die of the rats and mice after ingestion of bait?

A: Usually needs 2-3 days but the time can exceed up to 4-5 days.

Q: Do I need to spread the by opening pellet packs?

A: No. It is unnecessary. The rats and mice will chew it right you don’t need to open it.


Final Words

Are you thinking about its effectiveness still now? Just apply the poison bait and wait for the result. We told you before it just one bite rat poison. Rats and mice need to eat the bait for a single dose. Farnam just one bite is ready to kill the target species, just put it on the specific area just near to their nest. But, be safe from contamination and make sure you apply it keeping the safe distance for your pets.

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