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If somebody asks you, what is your feeling about rat infestation in your house? I’m sure nobody can express better than you if you ever faced them, am I right?Havoc Rat Poison Review


You may have experience about killing a rat in your house. Most probably the policy was a mousetrap. The traps worked good in past but it is the time to get acquainted with the other method. Of course, the method is highly effective.

We are talking about havoc rat poison. This is poison bait that can kill mouse and rat just in a single night feeding. The poison is not only highly effective it is cost effective too.

You may have kill rat and mouse in past in your house but we don’t know about is your experience! We also don’t know how effective the traps were!

But, we can say confidently, havoc rat poison review is going to introduce you to the new experience of rat killing and obviously, it is going to be your good experience too.

Why Should you Choose Havoc Rat Poison?

There you find no characteristics in the rat killer as you pull your finger about its negativity. The reason you should choose the rat killer. Are you known to havoc mouse poison since before? If no, you should know it because it can give you the guarantee as you drive away all rat from your house. It also comes to you with safety to reduce any chance of an accident.

When you purchase the package, you recognize it at the first look that it is a poison. This is called awareness. After that, this poison is just ready to use and you can use it conveniently. The rats also take it as a tasty food. They never recognize it as a poison rather they eat the poison eagerly.

If a rat takes the bait once, the rat will die must. The poison is very toxic. If the minimum amount of toxic compound introduced into the body the animal should have to die even after several days. So, there is no way to think as a weak poison it this. The product also has some features that will tell you about its effectiveness and how to use the poison and other necessary information.

Highly Toxic Ingredients

As this is a poisonous compound it must have toxic ingredients and the bait also contains. Brodifacoum is its active ingredients which is a second generation ingredient. That means, it is updated and its effect is enough strong. If the ingredient is introduced into the body it starts the breakdown of blood cell and occurs continuous hemorrhage. After a while, the animal died. Just need to take the bait by the rat and mice, the rest of the work is done by the poisonous ingredient.

Easy to Use

The mouse and rat killer comes in packet form and it is just ready to use. First of all, you need to confirm the places where you see to run the rats. Then, just put the poison in those areas. Putting them on the areas, go to sleep and clean all the dead rats in the morning. The best places to use the bait are just behind the cabinet, wall, or drop them to the holes.

All Weather Bait

There are so many ways to kill the rat. But, you never apply all the way both indoor and outdoor. Now ask me, is it important to use both indoor and outdoor? I say yes, it is really an important factor. Havoc mice poison allows use it both indoor and outdoor as it is an all weather bait.


  • Most effective.
  • Only one feeding is enough.
  • Pellet pack is also usable.
  • Attractive bait for rat and mice.
  • Can be used safely. 


  • The bait can be accidental to the non-target species.
  • It is very harmful if a human consumes it accidentally. 

Alternative Products

In this part of this review, we would like to know you about some more rat and mouse killer that’s function also good. A good product always knows how many products can do its similar function. We find another two rat killers that can also be your choice.

Final Place Packs (4 Packs)

The Final Place Packs, rat and mice killer is one of them and it really does its job perfectly. If mice eat the bait once, nothing needs to do more. It can kill the rat and mice just in one feeding. To get the best result, just put the packs 3 feet intervals in the area where you way mouse run frequently. This is really a good pack to kill the rat and mice.

Final Place Packs (4 Packs)

Key Features

  • Effective for killing house mice and rats.
  • Just one feeding is enough to kill a single mouse.
  • No need any bait station.
  • Easy to use.
  • Active rat poison ingredients. 


  • Brand: Bell Labs.
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 3 x 1.6 Inches.
  • Weight: 3.84 Ounces. 


Fastrac Poison Pellets Place Packs

This is 12 pack poison bait which is also highly effective. You don’t need to remove the bait from the pack. Just put the pack and rat will chew the pack. After eating a lethal dose the rat will stop eating and after a while rat will die also. It also works just in a single feeding. If you decide to purchase the pack, you took the right decision I think.

Fastrac Poison Pellets Place Packs

Key Features

  • Can kill rats and mice.
  • Works faster than traditional rat poison.
  • Ready to use 12 packs.
  • No need extra bait station.
  • No need extra bait. 


  • Brand: Fastrac.
  • Dimension: 6.4 x 5.8 x 1.4 Inches.
  • Weight: 7 Ounces.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does the pack need any bait station?

A: No, you don’t need to have any bait station for the pack.

Q: What is the active ingredient of this pack?

A: Second generation Brodifacoum is the active ingredient.

Q: What is the antidote of this poison?

A: Vitamin K is the specific antidote.

Q: Does it exert the same effect on the rat and mice?

A: Yes, it kills the mice and rat in the same way.


Final Words

From the above information, you know that havoc rat poison is a strong poison that can kill the rat and mice effectively. But, always keep in mind that it is a poison and it is also very dangerous to the human body. If it comes in contact with inside the body it can produce ill health instantly. So, handle the poison carefully and keep it in a place where you kids are not able to reach.

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