OxGord Live Animal Trap Review | Is The Most Humane Way To Reduce Critters Or Not?

Many problems come ahead if you have a garden or your home is near the woods. Country people, even the people who live in metro cities, face this problem with some unwanted guests. Such as stray cats, recons, squirrels, etc. they to create a mess in your yard, house, and leave all the garbage higgledy-piggledy.

OxGord Live Animal Trap Review


There are traps, poisons; replants, etc. are available to keep these nuisances away. But the cage is most old-fashion good option to drive them away. That is why are going to talk about a successful live animal trap that could help you out from this situation.

The OxGord Live Animal Trap, one of the great options, considers any people who want a non-violent option. This one is made of high-quality materials and also does its job 99% correctly. Recently we get the chance to test the cage, and here we are going to share with you the whole experience.

Why Should You Buy this OxGord Live Animal Trap?

Using the live animal trap has some benefits. In our case, we have a duplex home near the Grand Canyon Village in Arizona. Mostly we deal with Ringtail Cats which come in the night and mess with our storage room and dustbin outside of the home. Sometimes we see some squirrels and big mountain rats as well. All these are very disturbing and Hassel some.

However, we tried anything to scare them because we did not want to kill any of them. This is against nature’s law. So after some research, we managed to get the OxGord 32 Humane Animal Trap. It’s a large animal trap that can even deal with those cats. But yes, sometimes the bigger cats now fall for the cage. However, you will see the results once you set the trap with their favorite food as bait.

You can use the trap in any part of the US to catch this type of animal life. All you need to research your targeted animals and select the food that they fall for.

Hard-Wearing StructureOxGord 32 Humane Animal Trap

The cage is robust but flexible to use for a long time. Because it’s made of high-quality wire mesh that can tolerate all sun, rain, and dust. Once the animal trap inside, it could not get out if you are not open the door. The door is removable form outside that is why then can entre easily. But it’s not operable from inside quickly.

The cage is easy to set and open. It requires less effort to open and close to a human. That is why its best for the older adult, especially. However, the door of it does not come with any lock. So, once you see an animal trap inside lock the door with a wire; otherwise, the scary fighting animal will try to open it and increase your trouble.

High Success Rate

The cage is made of simple technical method, the bait trap, and cage. But still, it’s easy to catch the attraction of a curious animal that creates a mess inside or outside the home. If the bait is set correctly, chances are you will one or two animals in one night. It’s possible to see no animals inside in the first few nights/days. In that case, be patient.

Low Maintenance Require

The good thing about this Live Animal Trap is it requires almost zero maintenance. The animals are traps inside after eating the lure. So, maximum baits are finished until you leave the animal away. After few days use you can wash the cage with your garden hose thoroughly so if there any gunk left inside will remove away. If there are any stole left by animals, you should clean it to keep the cage smell free.



  • A big size cage to pick all size of moles.
  • Survive in lousy weather condition too.
  • Easy to store and use.
  • Comes preassembled.
  • Easy to release the caught animals.
  • Don’t hurt the animal. 


  • The release door does not come with any safety locks. 

How to Set The OxGord Live Animal Trap?

The trap is preassembled but comes in a collapsed state for easy transport and packaging. You need to pull it up to open it. There is nothing do to assemble it. The cage needs baits to do further functions. If you are catching moles, use the ready made worm to lure the moles. For squirrels and recons peanut butter, the marshmallow will work

Alternative Products

So, now it’s time to see some other products. We found an alternative live trap with the same features and action named HomGarden Live Animal Trap. This one is made of rust-resistant steel mesh with sensitive trigger doors. The cage is good enough to catch cats, groundhogs (woodchucks), opossums, armadillos, and similar-size nuisance rodent animals. You can use it both inside the house and outside.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How easy is it to release the animal once they have been trapped?

A: The cage opens easily, so there is no hassle of releasing the animal.

Q: Is there any option to set the sensitivity of the trap?

A: Yes, there is a small hook on the trap, and the further you pull the hook to make the trigger more sensitive.

Q: Is the trap collapsible?

A: Yes, about two inches thick.



Final Words

So, we are at the end of the OxGord Live Animal Trap Review. After quite a research, the raw experience with the trap all we can say this one is quite handy for its job. The trap is relatively easy to use. You can use it years after years without any problems. If the bait is correct for the correct animal chances are you will get the higher rate of success? Infect this trap is especially useful for catching moles along with other big critters like voles, squirrels and so on.

Just makes sure to check the trigger every time you set it. So, if you need a multipurpose trap to catch animal life, then you should try the OxGord Live Animal Trap.

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