Tomcat Mole Trap Review (0363210)| Is The Popular Brand Work Exactly As It Claim?

Control the mole problem before it gets out of control. But the problem is, you don’t know what works best for a particular situation. You can try many things, but no one can say it will help you out 100%. Luckily we have something that might help you to improve your situations. We tried and tested the Tomcat Mole Trap in one of our fellow gardener’s vegetable garden. Her harden was recently attach by moles and daily messing around.

Tomcat Mole Trap Review


So, I went there and inspected the 1.5-acre garden with carrots, celery, coriander, and tomatoes. We could not apply other chemical or poison bait; thus, the garden is producing fresh vegetables each day in quiet and good quantity.

However, we place four traps randomly over active tunnels and observe the movement. Next day we get three dead moles. Success!

So here is our complete review about this top-rated trap that was efficiently killing the garden critters within a short period.

Why Should You Buy this Tomcat Mole Trap?

Garden with worms is positive for soil health. It makes the soil more fertile, and your garden becomes more productive. But the wrong side of getting earthworm is, it’s also caught the attraction of moles and other underground critters. Few moles are enough to destruct a lawn overnight. That is why they need to control before they make a colossal mess or get out of control.

The Tomcat 0363210 Mole Traps are different yet a valid option when it comes to mole control. The design of the trap works well on catching big and restless moles once it touches the trigger. Its robust body, use of high-quality materials and engineering and the size makes it convenient to use any types of places for anyone.

The trap is suitable to use all year round. Also, it’s ideal for all kind of soil to use. From think soil to sandy soil, the Tomcat Mole Trap is ok for all.

This mole trap is safe and reliable option for anyone. It does not require any bait or use chemicals to kill moles. Also killing moles will help to reduce its number from an area besides driving them away using repellents.

Durable ConstructionTomcat Mole Trap with Durable Construction

The thing that will grab any one’s attraction first to Tomcat Mole Killer is its construction. This is a stable build trap that is ready to take all pressure and trouble. The spring of the trap is exceptionally rigid. That is why once it triggered the jaws comes down rapidly and kills the critters immediately. The good thing is the trap is suitable for all kind of soil to set.

Kill Efficiently

The Tomcat mole trap is straightforward by look but efficient in slaughtering moles. It is also valid on voles as well. It can catch small to big all size of critters. Once the mole hooks into the jaw, there is no chance to survive. You can try it in your garden, lawn, driveway, garage, or anywhere with soil. This one shows results within 24 hrs. Sometimes it might be extended in 36 hrs. No matter what time it takes, you will get a small of a big dead mole in its jaw for sure.

Easy to Cleaning

Unlike others, this trap is not difficult to clean. The dead mole attached to the jaw and you can flush it using a plastic bag or small shovel. Do not touch the trap in bear handy. It will spread germs and also leave a human smell on the trap. The dead mole should dumb immediately in the dustbin or buried another place far from the tunnel. It’s because, if you hid it near the tunnel possibility is another animal could find it and dig the hole. There will be a mess, and also your new trap will be disturbed.



  • Well-built, strong structure.
  • Effectively kill moles without making a mess.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can handle large size of moles.
  • Affordable price. 


  • The settings of the trap are not easy for beginners. 

How to Set The Tomcat Mole Trap

First of all, we found the setup process little tiresome. You need to give full body weight to push it and lock it on a place. The spring is powerful, and for the first time, it remains unmovable.

However, still, we manage to set it up. The ideal of the trap is visible. Its hand-free design and one can push through your legs. All you need to dig a small hole and place the trap. Now push the trap through the hole. Make sure a little space for the trigger to go into with a hoe handle or something like that.

Alternative Products

Now it’s time to look into some other products. With Tomcat mole trap, another product is equally popular among house owners who deal with moles. It’s the Tomcat 0372210 Mole & Gopher Bait. This one is efficient for moles and pocket gophers.

This ready to use pellets made of Zinc phosphide. All you need to though the pellets of Tomcat Mole Poison inside the tunnel and wait to see the result. These baits take 8-36 hours to work once the mole consumes it. Good news is this one comes with the child-resistant bottle. Also, one pack could cover 1 acre of area.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many worm baits include in the package?

A: 10 baits.

Q: Are these applicable for voles as well?

A: Yes, sometimes.

Q: Can I use the baits in my flower beds?

A: Yes.


Final Words

At the end of the Tomcat Mole Trap review, we tried to explain all about it from our perspective. However, the trap is cheap to give a try for beginners. Besides, Tomcat is a well-reputed brand which established itself as a trusted paste control company. We found this handy trap very useful during the test. You can use multiple traps to cover your big lawn and see some better result. So, if you want a hassle-free solution for your mole problem, you can try the Tomcat Mole Trap.

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