Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap Review | Is It Worth To Try At Home?

Mole traps are an easy option to control the mole population, sounds great! But the question is which one is efficient on your case? Well, we found something that is working on the maximum lawn with long grass. You can use it in any soil to catch different size of moles. And the cost is nothing considering hiring past control agency for one season.

Victor Out O'Sight Mole Trap


The Victor out O’Sight Mole Trap is a perfect solution for any homeowners, gardeners. This tiny machine can catch moles and kill them in no time. You can use it in your flower bed, garage, pathway, and yard or anywhere you need.

We tried this trap with other of it fellows to see the result in a yard with lots of junk. The place we took from the experiment was 4 acre, has a dump yard in one corner and on the other side, there is a big bed of herb plants. In the middle, there is plain soil with dandelion grass in short a suitable habitat for mole production. Let’s see what we sound during our experiment with the Victor out O’Sight Mole Trap in 15 days.

Why Should You Buy this Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap?

Moles love digging and repairing tunnels. They have a great sense of smell too. Most of the garden, especially the old gardens with plants, is an excellent place for moles to live because this type of situation can supply enough food source and living space to them.

So our yard was full of big fat worms and moles, voles are partying every day and night. We place around 5 Victor O631 Mole Trap in some active tunnels and wait for 24 hours. The result was satisfying. We catch 5 moles out of 5 traps in the first night. The next two days were not 100% successes. We manage to find 3 or 4 miles, but it was a great success.

  • We find the trap is incredible for hassle-free use and kill moles. You can set up the mole within 5 mins once the preparation is done.
  • The traps are very well made and suitable for multiple usages. From dry season to winter cold- the trap is good to go whenever you need.
  • It can catch voles too! So if you have these critters in your garden with moles, you can defiantly buy the trap.
  • The trap is good to use with sandy solid. It’s light structure allows it to stay in position and work even in a light layer of soils.

Hard-Wearing Construction

The mole trap is made of malleable iron. The solid iron metal is not only made it durable but also gave strength to fight with big Victor O631 Mole Trapmoles or voles. So, you can say it a sturdy and balancing trap which can take all pressure and trouble. However, the spring of the trap is very hard at the beginning to open the safety clip and set. But after a few usages, you will quickly fix the strap. Infect its hard and powerful jaw kills the moles instantly once moles pass by it.

High Killing Rate

The killing successes of the trap are very high compared to any top brand traps. The trap is suitable for small to mid-size of moles. All is a need for a mole to come nearby it and touch its jaw. The rest of the work will be done by it instantly. The trap will show you some result within 24 hours once it set in an active tunnel.

Low Maintenance Require

The trap is relatively easy to use and clean. So you no need to worry about its maintenance. All you need is to set the trap and remove it when its time. To removing the dead mole, use a shovel and buried it in the tunnel of anywhere your garden. Wash the trap with plain water and reset it in another place of an active tunnel.



  • No need to place bait.
  • Fully weather-resistant.
  • Factory assembled.
  • Includes safety option.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to place.
  • Usable for a long time. 


  • The spring is a little hard at the beginning.
  • Might be skipping catching giant moles. 

How to Set The Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap

First, find an active tunnel to set the trap. Use the claws to measure how long part to cut into the dirt. Now take a hand trowel or small shovel to dig a small hole for the claws to move through. Push the tunnel down in the middle of the cuts and put the trap in place until there is any movement that will set it off. Get the trap to where it sits on top of the smashed in the tunnel without going off. Now release the safety clip, your work is done here.

Alternative Products

So, now it’s time to talk about some other product that you can use with this Victor out O Sight Mole Trap 0631. The Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap for Quick and Clean Kill 0645 is another reliable option to try in any garden, lawn, or yard. This is also a weather-resistant trap for use. It comes with safety clips, and the price is the same as the first one.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What can reduce the chances of catching mole with the trap?

A: Bear had an operation, choosing the wrong tunnel, not activating the safety option, etc.

Q: Can I use it in winter?

A: You can use it whenever you want in a year.

Q: What should be the preparation to set the trap?

A: Water the lawn or at least the place where you want to set the step.



Final Words

At the conclusion of the Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap Review, we can say that this is the handiest and safe option if you want to reduce the number of moles in one month. For this, you require no expert to help. The setting is natural, and the trap successfully catches and kills it within no time. But yes, some people find the spring of the mole hard to move. But with some practice and using some gear oil on it, you will defiantly manage to on and off it. So, if you want something in budget with high significant successes rate, then you should defiantly try the Victor O631 Mole Trap today.

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