Victor Black Box Gopher Trap (0625) Review | Is It An Effective Solution To Reduce Mole & Gophers Population?

Are you often seeing mole or gopher holes popping up from your vegetable/flower beds? Then surly your place is affected by mole/gophers, and we have less time left to save your precious garden. Mole is a common problem in many areas in us. Over 30 percent of the home and the commercial gardens are ruined by these critters, and the production is hampered. Not only the moles there are many other critters is responsible for the destruction of the crop field, and small gardens along with empty spaces around the home.

Victor Black Box Gopher Trap


So, what is the solution for that? The answer is to get something that will reduce the number of these critters. We found Victor Black Box Gopher Trap is very convenient for this job. The trap successfully kills moles and gophers comparison to any other traditional traps. This one is choker type trap that immediately kills the pray once it enters in the dead zone of the trap.

Why Should You Buy this Victor Black Box Gopher Trap?

The Victor 0625 Black Box Gopher Trap could be a significant part of your pest control system. Having mole and gophers in the garden could hamper your flower or vegetable production. Even if you have simple lawn or yard with no plants in it, still it’s a big issue if moles often ruined it by digging soil and make visible tunnels on it. Plus gophers could be dangerous for cow or horse pasture. And this trap box could be a relief in these cases.

The trap is an excellent option for any part of the USA. It’s because this one suitable to use on any soil. So no matter how sandy soil you have in your area or muddy, if you can dig a home, you can use this victor black box.

The trap works pretty quickly. Once installed, you may see results within 12 to 24 hrs. But the exciting part is, the cleaning or dumping process of the trap is more natural than set up. Its flexible design allows you to clean the mess without any touching the wire claws.

The trap comes under budget. Which means you can get one or multiple traps without wasting many dollars that you may spend to Pest Control Company. And result within this low budget is satisfactory.

Sturdy ConstructionVictor Easy Set Gopher Trap

The trap has got a unique style of body structure. It has a plastic box from the outside which protects the inside choker loop-style trap settings. The plastic is weather-resistant and very rigid. The main trap is made of hard-wearing wire claw. The steel loops are galvanized which ensure vast durability in any condition.

Efficient Performance

This black box trap from victor has a high rate of success when it comes to catch and kill critters. Once a mole touch or reach the trigger point the spring immediately release wire and grab its body from top and bottom and squeeze. The animal immediately leaves its breath and dies because of the high pressure. So, if the placements are correct, you could be sure about its death

Less Hassle with the Cleanup

The next thing that comes in mind after seeing the performance of a trap is the maintenance’s of cleaning. The good thing is you don’t need to worry about cleaning the Victor Gopher Trap afterword.

To remove the dead animal, wear a pair of gloves, and grab the trap frilly from the side. With the other hand, compress the spring and shake the dead mole into the bag. Your hand will never touch the thing. The trap is reusable to once you get rid of the mole you can place it in another place without cleaning.



  • Work as it claims.
  • Suitable to use with any soil.
  • Compact size and easy to store or carry.
  • It is made of weather-resistant plastic.
  • Cleaning is super first. 


  • Not suitable for Camas Pocket Gopher.
  • Require to dig holes every time you set. 

How to Set The Victor Black Box 0625 Gopher Trap?

Dig out enough soil to place the trap inline of the ground. Place the trap and cover all the opening round, including top of it. But leave the rear hole open. Try to set the trap on the right angle of an active tunnel. Always use gloves to do the entire process. Rub some dirt into your newly wear gloves to get rid of any unwanted smell that could alert the critters later.

Alternative Products

Now it’s time to see other merchandise that might help you more with deal with moles and other buried critters. Here is the Victor 0626 The Black Box Gopher Trap that is a choker loop-style tape to reduce the problems. This one is especially good for gophers and moles. The trap is made of galvanized steel springs and wire with weather-proof plastics. It’s good to go for any soil also. If you see in your place both, you may try this one.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need to touch the dead mole to dump?

A: No, not at all.

Q: Will the trap work for skunks?

A: Nope.

Q: How many traps will good for a 2-acre lawn?

A: 2/3 will be great.



Final Words

So, we are now at the end of the Victor Black Box Gopher Trap review. After all that experience with this trap, we would like to suggest you that to consider it to buy. We have three significant opinions in order to say that. First, the trap is handy. It would be carried easily and very easy to keep in storage. Second, the trap is flexible at using and cleaning. You don’t need to use your hand directly to touch the hatch and remove the dead critters.

And finally, the most crucial thing, the performance. The mechanism of the trap is efficient to kill any size of moles and gophers successfully. And that is all you need from a trap. So, have the Victor Easy Set Gopher Trap and get rid of moles and other critters problems that are ruining your house/garden.

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