Rat Trap Vs Poison Vs Repellent | Which One is the Best Option to Get Rid of Rats

Is there a house in this world which is free of rats?  I believe that they become every homeowner’s nightmare worldwide. Let’s recall those days when Tom & Jerry, the legendary cartoon characters were still becoming our favorite cartoon series. We were laughing hard on how difficult for Tom to catch Jerry. Even Tom’s owner couldn’t stand the trouble that they created.  Well, we can’t deny that rats are among the most intelligent animals after Chimpanzees and dolphins. These days, many homeowners were complaining that it is not easy at all to catch rats during the past years, even if they use similar methods, like traps, poison, and repellent.

Many homeowners believe that rats are too ‘brilliant’ to get trapped on old-style traps. They also noticed that there were other unlucky mice or rats, were trapped there beforehand. Whether this is a myth or not, any rat or mouse can ‘smell rats’. They can easily notice that there is a piece of cheese within the trap.

Then, there was an invention of rat poison which is known as Rodenticide. For sure, this kind of rat bait contains the toxin, which can also harm other pets within the house. It is also recommended to be careful in keeping the Rodenticide, as toddlers may found them attractive, and swallow them.

While those two aforementioned options can be the best alternatives for most homeowners, there are also some people who prefer to use rat repellent. Some manufacturers claim that they have organic repellent for getting rid of rats by its scent, as it is only created from botanical oils.

If you are somewhat confused about what to use, now keep on reading on this article. This is to ensure that you opt for the right option, whether you want rat trap vs poison, or you prefer to use repellent if you think that it is much safer. Yet, there are advantages and disadvantages if you are about to use any of them, as there are risks that you should know beforehand.

How Good Is a Rat Trap Bait For You and Your Home?

A rat trap is the most convenient way to catch a mouse or a rat. Yet, there are certain forms of rat traps which have been through several kinds of innovation. Check them out at many reputable online stores, where there are lots of rat traps that ensure the home’s sanitary. It is as simple as placing it to several corners, where rats are mostly hiding. Some manufacturers ensure 100% kill rate, though it won’t leave any disgusting mess.  This kind of trap doesn’t work as traditional wire traps, which may leave a certain smell that rats avoid. It is made of high-quality plastic, with a sturdy spring, which is made of stainless steel. It is not only durable but easy to clean. For sure, this is such a hassle-free mousetrap.

So, rats can ‘smell rat’ is not a myth. It is the fact that traditional traps can’t avoid. So, if you own the one that your grandmother once inherited to you, don’t hesitate to throw it away. You won’t find difficulties in getting rid of the smelly, dead rat body.  Besides, conventional rat traps usually lose its effectiveness after years. This is why you may not catch any rat through weeks or months because the trap didn’t work as you might have expected.

But, if you want to save much money, and explore your creativity on creating your DIY rat trap, you can check on some tutorial videos through YouTube, about creating your own rat traps that you can throw away–once you catch a rat.

Rat Trap Vs Poison

Now, you may consider whether you will choose rat trap or poison. It is easy to understand if you hate to take the trap and throw the rat away, so you’d prefer to poison the rats around the house. You’re not alone. Many homeowners don’t want to bother setting up for rat traps, so they prefer to buy rat poison and spread it through the attic, garage, and some rats’ favorite places.

Rat Trap Vs Poison

The Rodenticides, always contain anticoagulants, which can cause internal bleeding, due to the inability of the blood to clot.  The effectiveness of Rodenticides depends on how strong the anticoagulants. Some rodenticides don’t kill rats immediately, so they have to be taken repeatedly before they kill the rats. The effect contains dizziness when rats are trying to find some places where there are some water or bright places when they are dying. Other kinds of Rodenticides may contain Zinc phosphide which can kill the rats suddenly.

As it was mentioned earlier, any kinds of Rodenticides can be very harmful, when homeowners are careless in leaving them throughout the house. There are some cases, where babies and toddlers were intoxicated when they found some pieces of rats poison accidentally. The same thing applies to pets, as dogs and cats may eat them unintentionally.

Anyway, if you feel like easier to use Rodenticides, you should assure two things. First, you can spread them in places where your pets or kids won’t reach. Second, you should spend more time searching whether you will find any of the rat’s dead body.

Rat Trap Vs Repellent

If you once used Rodenticides, and you find the dead body disgusting, you need to consider whether you are about to choose rat trap or repellent. You may feel like you can’t use traps or poison for rats. So, you can consider using rat repellent. Believe it or not, this is the most recommended way to get rid of rats, mice and other kinds of pests without ruining the environment. Moreover, it helps you in keeping your house clean and disease-free, while you can rest assured that your kids and pets are safe.

Rat Trap Vs Repellent

There are lots of rat repellents with the safest ingredients, in which their manufacturers guarantee their products to be free from chemical substances. Instead, they make the most of botanical extracts which have been through scientific researches in removing rats away, for good. Don’t even think about using the DIY methods like spreading some cotton balls in every corner of the house, or using traditional methods that your grandmas might have told you. Such methods won’t work at all, as nowadays rats and mice are already used to them.

So, which method you are going to apply to get rid of rats between rat trap vs poison vs repellent?

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