Repellex Mole Repellent Reviews | Best Way to Keep The Mole Access Limited

Are you looking for a natural mole repellent for your yard, lawn or garden? Then you have come into the right place. Recently we tried some natural repellants on our vegetable gardens. One was 700 sq. Ft with tomatoes and another one was 1000 sq. Ft. with mix vegetables. But unfortunately, the garden was recently attached by moles and created a mess within a few days.

Repellex Mole Repellent Reviews


Fortunately, we got a massive success with the Repellex Mole Repellent and saved most of the crops. The product comes with a 24 lb. Container. The packaging is very well, and any user can open the bottle and use it effortlessly.

It’s made of all active elements like castor oil, cinnamon garlic oil, and so on. The product is easy to use and may require multiple applications. The good thing is the repellant is useful for covering large areas. If you follow the procedure in the right manners, you will see a mole free area within a week.

Why Should You Buy this Repellex Mole Repellent?

Repellents are the most comfortable option to get rid of moles without harming animals. It’s also safe and easy to use. For these reasons, the Repellex Mole and Gopher Repellents were our favorite. It’s not only super handy but also comes at an affordable price. You should take this repellant seriously for three reasons.

  • One- it’s made of safer components. Like, garlic, white paper, castor oil, and others. The presence of any of the items in the ground makes gopher or mole unpleasant. That is why the product works better on them.
  • Two- the repellent is very convenient to use. Nothing complicated at all. All you need is to spread it and water the area.
  • Three- the bigger container of the repellent supply 24000 sq. Ft area of coverage. In the same price, you will get other repellants which cover 10000 ft area only. So, in that case, its super saver product.

Improve Formula

The Repellex is made of fast action formula that targets the taste and sense of mole and gophers. The formula contaminant the soil for these burrowing animals and drive them away. When they first get in touch of the smell they move on from the area and try to search or food other places. That is why you have to target the affected area from central to outer edges. The repellents made the smell of the tunnels so bad that they shift their nest from one place to another place so far.

Safe Usage

The ingredient used in the Repellex repellant is mostly natural. It contains,

  • Castor oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Garlic oil
  • White paper

The chemicals containing in the repellants are,

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Cellulose, etc.

The good thing is all these elements are entirely safe for soil, air, and plants. Infect you can use on any fruitful garden or crop field. It will never reduce the growth of the plants. Those who have pets in their house can also confidently use the product in their place. But remember one thing, this product should not be touched in bear hand. Try to keep it out from your toddlers too. They could pour it on the mouth are starting to play with it. Both can be dangerous to them.

Easy Absorbable

The Repellex mole repellent granules are easily absorbable. It comes into dry form but quickly melts in touch of moisture. Once it melts, it quickly spread on the soil deep down but stay longer. It makes the natural feed of the moles and gophers; living space becomes unpleasant.


  • Safe for your children, pet, and plants.
  • It comes into a large quantity which makes sure to cover a large area.
  • Applicable to different types of burrowing animals.
  • Simple to apply.
  • Efficient performance. 


  • The instructions given in the box are inadequate.
  • It smells awful.

How to Use the Repellex Mole Repellents

Every bait, trap, and repellents work differently. Though, it’s essential to know about its nature and effect on your enemy. So, here are a few suggestions to use the Repellex accurately.

  • Measure the whole is you are going to apply the repellent. Divide the is in four sections. From the center to outside, you will gradually use the repellents from day one to four.
  • Chose the most affected area in the center of the whole place. Spread the granules there and water the field for 20 mins.
  • Next day apply the repellants in the same manner in the second area and water the area thoroughly.
  • In the third day, apply the repellant in the third section and water the area for 20 mins.
  • In the fourth day, the outermost section of the area would remain. Spread the granules well and smarter the area for 15-20 mins. You will see the results within one week and no new holes in your garden.

Alternative Products

Here is another product that you can use for the same purpose. The “I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent” is a safe and natural option to keep the moles away. Its best works on voles, mole and many other burrowing creatures from the gardens, lawns, etc.

This one is 100% safer than the traps and poison baits. So, if you have pets and children in the house, you can try the replant with confident. It contains castor and botanical oils that also works on skunks, gophers, ground squirrels, etc. along with moles.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long this product effect?

A: Maximum 3 months

Q: Can you use this in the vegetable garden?

A: Yes.

Q: Would this also be effective on skunks?

A: No.


Final Words

So, we are now at the end of this Repellex Mole Repellents Review. All we can say, this repellant was worked on our case, so does many others who have tried it and still depend on any mole emergencies. It only works on moles and gophers. So you can’t get benefits on get rid of other burrowing animals like gophers, skunks and so on. But for efficient mole reduction, you will not find another match like Repellex Repellents. If you have a chronic mole problem, then you should try some other baits or traps to reduce the damage within a short period. But in most cases, Repellex is a better option agreed by most of its users.

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