What Does Rat Poop Look Like | Rat Dropping Pictures, How to Identify and Clean

Rats are one of the animals which disturb human life and can be hazardous. Hence, people will always try to eradicate these pests. As we know, they can bring disease like meningitis. Out there, some hunters and trackers are utilizing the poops to catch their targets quickly. We can use the same method to track the rats and shut their threat down. As we know, rats’ poops are around 70 up to 150 droppings per day. But do you know What Does Rat Poop Look Like? It looks like a little in size. But imagine, if there are more than five rats in your house. It’s definitely terrifying.What Does Rat Poop Look Like | Rat Dropping Pictures

Everything About What Does Rat Poop Look Like

The Danger

Rat poops can bring transmitted disease and bacterial threat. The rats and mouse poops are known as the carriers for several threatening viruses. It is not only their poops; their urine is also dangerous as we cannot see them clearly when it is dry. Both of them can contaminate any food storage, wardrobes, rooms and tools in your warehouse. For your safety, we have listed some of rat poops diseases below.

  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Meningitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis

Bear in mind that those are only some samples. As science and mice are growing, it is possible for them to carry more threats. Honestly, you will not be able to know exactly where the mice contaminate your stuff. As a result, you should call professionals.

The main reason is, your estate should be well-cleaned and sterilized. Furthermore, you need to protect it from future risk. You may think to place rat traps. It won’t be effective in the long run. Once more, it’s better to ask for professionals to do eradication of these pests. You can’t risk your family health just to save a few bucks.

Rat Poop vs Mouse Poop Identification

What does rat poop look like? It is a usual question for us. We will give you some information on how to know which one is mice and vice versa. As an addition, we can also use “trace and take notes” on the poop size to identify the mice size. We also need to know their amount in order to eradicate them. Most importantly, you should find out whether they are active or inactive. If you find baby feces, it has two meanings. First, they are active and secondly, they reproduce.

Another thing you should notice is the dropping age. The shape will indicate their activity. It can be in the past or present. If you think that the feces are fresh, the only thing you can do is clean them. After that, you should wait until you see another comes. Never touch them, even if you wear gloves because they are very dangerous.

Next, we need to know the type of the rat by observing the poops. It helps us deciding the steps to exterminate them in the best possible way. If you like details, then differentiate phase is piece of cake. Here, we give you some clues know the type of rats you got. So let’s know about Rat Poop Size and Rat Poop Color.

House Mouse: Its quantity is about 50 to 75 pellets per day. Its size is ¼ inch long. Usually, it is small and 1 or 2 ends are pointed.

Norway Rat: It has a lesser quantity. It is around 40 to 50 pellets per day. The size is bigger than a mouse, ¾ inch long. The ends are blunt and larger than a mouse. You may find them in small groups.

Roof Rat: It is similar to Norway rat, its poops quantity is about 40 to 50 pellets per day. It has ½ inch long. It is scattered on the ground or floor. The shape is a little bit different. It is larger, has pointed ends and curved.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, if you feel the other way, we have an easier method. You may assume black or roof rat when you find about 40 to 50 pellets daily. Try to measure them, it is more likely if it has ½ inch long. Check the size and look at the criteria above. If it has the exact conditions, then it is a black rat.

How about brown rat feces? It is almost the same. You can count the droppings. If they are around 40 to 50 pellets, then you can expect brown rat. You can take a ruler and gauge them. If they have ¾ inch long, four-sided shapes and have blunt ends, you have a brown rat to kick.

Rat Dropping Pictures

You have already learned about different type rats’ poop, their size, color to identify the right rat in your area. Now, look at the following rat dropping pictures which will also help you for better rat poop identification.

Roof Rat Poop Looks Like

Rat Poop in the Roof

Dead Rat with Poop

Rat Poop with a Dead Rat

Rat Poop Attic

Rat Poop in the Attic

Norway Rat Droppings Look Like

Norway Rat Droppings

Mouse Poop in the Shelf

Rat Poop in the Shelf

Rat Droppings in a Store

Rat Droppings in a Store

Clean Them Up

The next thing we should do is to clean the feces and wipe the rats out forever. If you find some feces, firstly, you should wear protection tools. You need a nose mask, rubber gloves, boots, and long trousers. Don’t forget to spray disinfectant to cover your clothes. One thing for sure, you should never breathe near the feces as it is hazardous to your health.

The information you got, based on poops quick observation, is very valuable. It will help you in knowing the rat type. As a result, you can pick the best trap for them. Moreover, you need to observe around your house, completely. It means you have to inspect the basement, unused rooms, garage, warehouse or attic. Don’t underestimate them as a few mice can spread thousands of feces droppings in a relatively short time.

The next question is: how can we eradicate them? In order to do that, the method we use is basically similar. You have to locate the entry point to your house, or whatever part it is. After that, you need to seal the whole of them. Then, you need to block the way they enter the house. It works for both mice and rats. For more information, you can check our detail guide on How to Get Rid of Mice Fast.

Final Words

Next, you need to go to the store and pick the best and suitable rat trap for your house. The last step, please check the trap that you use. You need to make sure that you don’t break the local legislation regarding rat control and elimination. You can ask the shopkeeper about it. Good luck!

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