Where Do Rats Hide | Most Common and Secret Places

Where Do Rats Hide? Rats usually prefer to live in a warm and secure place where they can get everything they need. Our house provides all the essentials like foods, water, and shelter that rats need to lead their life and grow their colonies. For this reason, they always try to get into your home whenever they get the opportunity.

However, rats can be a serious problem, they can eat your foods, damage your properties, and destroy your gardens. To control these tiny animals, it is important to find out their shelters first. In this post, I’ll share some most common and secret places where rats usually hide. Hopefully, this post will help you to find out your enemies and prevent them from your place.Where Do Rats Hide

Where Do Rats Hide | Most Common Places

Where do rats hide during the day or where do rats hide in the house? Well, you can get all the answers that you need to know about these mammals. Let’s check the post out to get more in detail.

The Basement

Rats or mouse especially Brown Rats prefer to live in the basement of your building due to various good reasons. Basically, the basements area provides all the necessary things to the rats that they need like food, warmth, and safety. Generally, they will make a hole in a solitary part of the basement, most likely the ground level of the location. You should find the entryway of the rats and mend it as soon as you can. Applying traditional methods, traps or poisons will help you to solve your problem.

The Walls of your House

Another most common place where rats can hide easily is the walls of your home. Leaving rodents inside the walls is very risky as they can cut the electric wires which can cause fires inside your property. So seal the entry holes as soon as you spot them and repair the damaged walls of your home.

Additionally, leave one or two holes which leads to the outside and where the rats tend to hide, so they aren’t trapped in, which will certainly lead them to create new holes.

The Attics

The attic of our house is warm and dry which can be a comfy home for any pests, including rodents. they’re amazing climber and can enter into the attics by running up the walls or by using an existing hole in the walls. As an undisturbed place, the attic is the perfect place where rat’s kids would be safe.

To solve your problem, try to find out evident clues first such as droppings, rat nests, grease, or dirt. Don’t leave any pet foods or anything nutritious in the attic as they can attract the rodents to live here. You should start dealing with rats by sealing all the entry points using expanding foam. Apply any solutions you prefer to dispose of the remaining rats and you should be safe while dealing with them.

The Kitchen

Rats Hide In The KitchenYour kitchen can be an ideal place where rats prefer to live as it’s plentiful foods and produces. If the rodents have the opportunity to enter your kitchen in search of food, they’ll definitely go for it. They can use the power supply unit behind your stove to make an excess hole into the kitchen.

It’s recommended to check that place regularly and if needed seal them with metal plates. Moreover, cleaning your kitchen regularly will help you to prevent the rats to live inside your kitchen. Keep your foods as well as your pet’s foods in a safe and secure metal/glass container.

Drains and Sewers

Rats are very small and insistent creatures; they can do everything to enter your home even over the drains and sewers. As the rats are excellent swimmers, they can enter into your bathroom through the toilet easily. However, you can use anti-rodent barriers inside your toilet to prevent them or postpone their attack.

To keep the rats at bay, all drains should be equipped with protective grates and screens to stop rats from entering through the drains. Thick hardware cloth works great for the roof vents. When all the sewers and drains are secured, set up a trap using peanut butter to control these mammals.

The Garage

Another most commonplace is the garage where rats can hide easily and grow up their colonies. They usually sneak into the garage using small gaps or holes under the garage doors. They can build up their nest inside the garage and can cut or damage almost everything including your vehicles. Moreover, rats can cut electric wires as well as the tires of your car. To avoid the problem, you can use a garage door brush strips to seal the lower lip of the garage door.

The Yards or Gardens

Rat In The Garden AreaYour garden can be the ultimate source of food for rodents. Since they’re omnivores, they can eat anything they find in your garden, no matter what it is. There’re lots of things in the garden at which rat can chew easily, such as plants, ornaments, and wood furniture, and pet’s excrements. You wouldn’t want the rodents creating a mess in your favorite garden either. However, identifying an infestation is easy as rodents like to dig holes signifying their visit.

As soon as you notice the activities of these tiny creatures you should take action to prevent them. You can use bait with poisoned foods to control the rats in your garden as they’re highly effective. However, you should keep your child and pets away from the yard until the infestation is taken care of.

Final Thought

So, where do rats nests? Well, rodents love to live or hide small, secluded areas inside your house. They can build-up their nest anywhere inside or outside of your home where they can get safety, a good source of food and water. However, search around your house to find out the hidden entryways and potential rat shelters. If you think you have rodents around your home, it’s important to control them as soon as you can.

Wherever rodents hide, they spread germs, harmful pathogens, and pollute the entire place with their droppings and urine. So it’s highly recommended to clean your home properly after the pests are gone.

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