How to Make Best Homemade DIY Mouse Trap to Catch and Kill Mice

You must be familiar with this kind of rodent that you usually find around your house. Well, rats are animals that you can find anywhere around the world. Some of the rats are herbivores, but there are also omnivores. Rats really like to eat anything, especially sweet foods. These animals often enter the house and often bring bacteria because they often live in dirty places.  Of course, the emergence of rats at home will be dangerous for our health. But, you do not need to worry because you can build a homemade DIY mouse trap to call and kill rats.Best Homemade DIY Mouse Trap

So, how you can make a homemade mouse trap that will work to reduce mice popularity in your area? Perhaps, you can consider these following best homemade DIY mouse trap methods to build an effective trap.

Best Homemade DIY Mouse Trap

Open and Close Plastic Bottle Trap

Open and Close Plastic Bottle TrapDo you know to make a homemade mouse trap using a plastic bottle? To make this rat trap, you need two timbers, rubber, used bottles, bait hooks, and the bait. Simply, cut a portion on the top part, but don’t break it. Then, give small holes to the front and back. After that, insert each wood in each hole and then bend the tip of the bottle towards the top and attach the rubber to the wood and also on the hook part of the baits. When the mouse pulls the bait, the bottle will close and lock the mouse inside.

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A Trap Using a Paper

A Trap Using a PaperHere is how to DIY mouse trap using a paper. Other simple rats trap that you can make is by using a paper. Prepare a paper that is formed in a semicircle, then give a tape to the base. Meanwhile, you can give bait on the other part. In this case, you can use cheese, fruits, chocolate, and others. Prepare the trash can at the bottom. When the mouse enters the paper, its weight will make the rats fall into the trash along with the paper.

A Mouse Trap Using a Clamp

A Mouse Trap Using a ClampHow to set a tomcat rat trap easily using a clamp? It is also quite easy to make this rat trap because you only need to prepare a clamp, a baited hook, a bait, string, and a ballast. Simply, you can just attach the clamp on a small rack as the place for the trap, and then tie the clamp tip using a string which is also connected to the ballast. Next, you can hang the ballast on the table and put the bait on the table and it is also connected to the ballast using a string. When a rat comes to rack and gets inside through the clamp to take the bait, then the ballast will fall down to the ground and pull the clamp to tighten. Finally, the rat will be tied by the clamp and it cannot run away.

A DIY Rat Trap Using a Small Cup

A DIY Rat Trap Using a Small CupThis rat trap is even easier than using a bottle trap because you only need a drink cup that has a lid. First of all, you have to prepare a small cup that can fit a rat. Then, you also need a stick as long as the cup height. Next, you also need two rubber straps and rat baits. Simply, you can make two holes in the bottom part and the lid part of the cup. Then, put the stick in the holes and the stick will be inside the cup. Next, put the bait on the bottom part of the stick and set the rubber strap. When a rat gets inside the cup and eat the bait, then the lid will be pulled by the rubber strap to cover the cup and the rat will be trapped inside.

A DIY Mouse Trap Using a Glass Bowl and Jar

A DIY Mouse Trap Using a Glass Bowl and JarSetting a rat trap using a small glass bowl and glass jar is very easy. You need a small bowl and a jar that has a bigger size than the bowl. First of all, put the small bowl on a table upside down. Then, you put the bigger jar above the bowl and it has a small entrance. Don’t forget to put some baits near the bowl inside the jar. Simply, when a rat gets inside the jar and eat the bait, the jar will move from the bowl and then the rat will be trapped. Keep in mind, you are recommended to use a heavy jar so that the rat cannot move it.

DIY Rat Trap Using an Unused Fan Cover

DIY Rat Trap Using an Unused Fan CoverDo you have a broken fan? You can use the cover of the fan as a rat trap. Simply, you can remove the cover from the fan. Then you can prepare a stick and a rope. After that, you can find a place where you usually see rats. Put the fan cover and keep it open using the stick. You can tie the rope on the stick while on the other part of the rope, you also put a bait. How does it work? When a rat enters the fan cover, the cat will eat the bait and it will automatically pull the stick. In the end, the cover will drop to the ground and trap the rats.

Final Words

Actually, there are so many ways to make the Best Homemade DIY Mouse Trap. You actually do not need to buy a special rat trap because you use some items to make one. Somehow, you also need to prepare the bait because the rats will not come to your trap if you do not use baits. There are so kinds of baits that you can use such as honey, cheese, chocolate, cereals, salted fish, and much more. In fact, setting a rat trap is not that difficult as long as you know what to use and how to set up a rat trap well. Hopefully, this can be your good inspiration just in case you really want to eliminate rats or mice from your house effectively without wasting a lot of money.

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