Does Baking Soda Kill Rats | What’s the Truth?

Does Baking Soda Kill Rats? This versatile ingredient can be used at home in various ways like cleaning the bathroom tiles and the kitchen sink. It’s unknown by many that baking soda can be used to make rat poison at your home. If you’re looking for a safe way to handle the rat problem inside your home, you can use baking soda to do so.Does Baking Soda Kill Rats

As an alternative to commercial rat poisons, you can make a pet-safe rodenticide with this household ingredient. In this post, I’ll share the way to prevent the mice inside your home using baking soda. Hopefully, this post will help you to get rid of rodents without using any harmful toxic.

Does Baking Soda Kill Rats?

How does baking soda kill rats? Baking soda is one of the most common and easily found ingredients that can be used to kill mice. You can use baking soda in the powder form or mix it with other ingredients such as sugar and flour which the rodents can eat.

So, what does baking soda do to mice? When ingested, backing soda creates a lot of gas in rat’s stomach which acts as a poison for them. Keep in mind, rodents aren’t unable to expel extra gas that builds up after ingesting baking soda. As a result, the build-up gas eventually kills the mice.

Ingredients That You’ll Need to Make Poison with Baking Soda

There is a list of the ingredients that you’ll need while making the poison of baking soda to kill the rodents. Let’s check it

  • Baking Soda

For the best result, try to use the baking soda that is freshly opened out of its packet. Avoid using old or expired baking soda or the ones that have been opened for too long. You can use plaster of Paris as an alternate of baking soda. Although the plaster of Paris might work, still it’s important to keep in mind it’s not eatable in the first place. Moreover, it can easily harden and make your mixture useless over time.

  • Sugar

One of the most useful ingredients to attract mice is sugar. Since the mice love to eat sweets, sugar can be helpful to attract them towards your poison. You can use other sweeteners such as honey, chocolate or peanut butter instead of sugar.

  • Flour

While handling the flour, use hand gloves to avoid tainting it with your trace. It’s best to use fresh flour or the one that has a nice and sweet scent. It’s important to keep in mind, you need to lure the mice with it. If you don’t have flour you can use cornmeal instead of it. Cornmeal has an individual scent and flavor that might be attractive to the rodents.

  • Water

When making poison, you’ll need to use water to bind all the ingredients together. If you don’t have milk you can use milk to make your poison more appealing to the mice.

Steps of Killing Rats With Baking Soda

There are the steps of killing mice with soda just below. Check these following steps to prevent mice using this household ingredient.

Step- 01: Get Ready All the Ingredients

All the ingredients that you need to make your poison need to be measured accurately depending on your requirements. Put 2/3 cup of sugar, 2/3 cup of flour and 2/3 cup of baking soda in a small bowl. The required amount of water will depend on the desired consistency of the poison that you want to use.

In addition, it’s important to use hand gloves before you handle all these ingredients. Also, make sure all these ingredients properly measured before you move on to your next step.

Step- 02: Mixing All the Ingredients Together

To make the poison properly, it is important to mix all the dry ingredients together. In order to make the mixture more homogeneous, you can pulse it in a blender so it sifts together well. You can use dry ingredients mixture as a rat poison and can leave it for the rodents to eat even without adding water. When adding water to the mixture, make sure the poison isn’t too wet or runny.

After mixing the solution, use enough to make a dough ball out of all the dry components. Make the size of the balls small enough so that they fit inside the areas where you’ve noticed the activities of the mice.

Step- 03: Putting the Poison in Strategic Areas

For best result, place the poison on areas where you’ve seen the rats or where they’re hiding or nesting. It’s best to put the poison inside dark areas where the mice can freely eat it. For example, if you’ve seen rodents near the stove or in your shed, place the dough balls along the rats’ pathways.

Final Thought

In conclusion, when making rate poison using baking soda, remember that it’ll not kill the rodents right away. Unlike traditional rat poison, baking soda will take time to react inside their stomachs. It might take many days even weeks before you find dead ones inside your property.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind that, baking doesn’t affect the mice neurologically like conventional rodenticides. This increases the risk of the rodents dying inside your home, not outside that can lead to unwanted odor issues.

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