Killing Rats with Coke | Does This Really Works?

If you have a mice or rat problem inside your home and willing to use any home remedy to eliminate them from your side. There are so many effective natural home remedies that can be used to get rid of these tinny creatures. Using Coke is one of these home remedies which may act as a potential alternative to traditional mice poisons. Killing rats with Coke is one of the most popular and funny methods that is applied by a lot of people.

Killing Rats With Coke

It’s cheap and readily available in the market. However, so many people who believe that this method doesn’t work effectively and not also practical. In this article, I’d like to share some important information on some most common queries that you want to know. So, let’s read on the post to get more valuable information.

Killing Rats with Coke | How do That Works?

There are some less harmful methods to kill rodents without using chemicals or traps such as using a coke. It’s pretty simple using soft drinks such as Coca-Cola to kill rats. Just put Coca-Cola in a bowl or plate and place it where you notice their activities like the attic, dark corners, and other suspected places.

Rodents love to eat sweetest things, so the smell and sweetness of the Coke attract them easily and they’ll drink it. Keep in mind, mice are unable to eject the gas caused by the carbonated beverage which finally kills them.

How Effective is this Household Method to Kill Rats?

So many people believe that killing mice with coke actually works most of the time while other people believe that it doesn’t work. When we drink a carbonated soft drink like Coca-Cola it builds up gas pressure inside our stomach.

Where Do Rats Hide

After drinking it, we have to burp to escape and release the carbon dioxide. Unlike humans, rodents are not able to burp after taking a carbonated drink. As a result, they’ll eventually die from failing to escape or release carbon dioxide from their stomach.

Will Coke Kill Rats| What’s the Truth?

Using soft drinks such as coke isn’t exactly the most effective solution to deal with mice infestation for good. However, you can try to kill rats with Coca-Cola or any other carbonated soft drinks, only if it works. Remember that Coke usually gets flat within hours making it less effective against a large mice infestation.

So it is recommended to use fresh and sealed coke to kill rats as it has maximum carbon dioxide Gas. Just because soft drinks are cheap and readily available that doesn’t mean you should apply it. However, if you want to use something different as an alternative to traditional rat poisons you can try it.

Final Words

In conclusion, it’s absolutely safe to use Coke to kill rodents inside your home because it has no harmful chemicals. However, there’re some other most effective methods available that you can apply to deal with a mice infestation. For example, using essential oils is one of the most effective natural mice deterrents and just a small amount is enough to rid them away. In addition, you can hire an exterminator if you can afford or can use some effective rat poisons. However, if you’ve kids or pets inside your home it’s best to avoid using rat poisons since it can be harmful to them.

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