What Kills Rats Instantly and Humanely | The Proper and Easiest Ways

There are many people asking What Kills Rats Instantly. The presence of rats and mice is obviously annoying. They eat your food and chew up furniture even walls. They can also bite. Not only are they a nuisance, but these creatures are also dangerous as they can cause some serious health problems. Mice and rats urinate defecate. The waste is nasty and messy.

Worse than that, the waste contains lots of pathogens that can be the source of serious illnesses that lead to death. Some of the known pathogens are Hantavirus and Salmonella, to name a few. The pathogens can cause Plague, Lyme disease, and many others. It is so frightening, isn’t it? Therefore, everybody wants to get rid of these dangerous mammals.

What Kills Rats Instantly and Humanely

There is hundreds of way to do that. The most common way done by lots of people is to use traps and poisons. It is because these methods can kill rats and mice instantly. However, these methods are inhumane because trapping mice with poisons involve not only a slow death but also very painful.

So What Kills Rats Instantly Yet Humanly?

Why Using Poison is Inhumane

Many people choose to use poisonous bait to control mice and rats. Being killed this way, mice will wander off to die so they will not appear anymore. However, the baits contain anticoagulant. It is a toxic chemical that can cause internal bleeding. Therefore, mice will die painfully and slowly. The process is very torturing. So if you are looking for the humane way to kill a rat then you should avoid any kind rodent poison.

What Kills Rats Fast? It's Poison

The chemical can make the animals become weak, have difficulty breathing, vomit, and suffer from digestive pain. Besides, there is a chance that other animals will eat the dead body of poisonous mice. Automatically, the animals will be poisoned too. For these reasons, people should avoid using poison to kill mice.

Using Snap Traps

Using a well-designed snap trap is considered as a human and quick method to kill mice and rats in your house. Snap traps are available in various sizes. However, not all snap traps are reliable. Well-designed traps can precisely trap the animals on their head ensuring a quick death. There are some helpful tips to use snap traps effectively.

Kill a Rat Instantly using Snap Trap

  • The baits should be fresh. They can be dried fruit, nuts, soft cheese, chocolate, and sweet candies. If these baits do not seem to attract mice, change with other baits.
  • Place the traps parallel to a solid object (like a wall) that guides mice and rats walk into the trap.
  • The best time to set the trap is at night. In the morning, you should check the trap to see if there are animals trapped. What happens if the trapped mice are injured not dead? There is no other way but killing them humanely. Blow to the head rapidly and heavily. In this way, the injured mice will die instantly.

Electric Rat Trap

Another most humane way to kill a mouse is by using an electric rat trap. Most of the electric trap comes with high-voltage capacity that helps to rat kill instantly. So if you want to avoid poison as well as a snap trap, then you should go for this type of trap. These are very easy to use and also easy to clean. Even some electric trap comes with No See, No Touch Technology. That means you don’t need to touch the dead rat while cleaning and you also won’t see the body of the rat. Victor M250S is one of those types of electric trap you can consider.Victor M250S No Touch, No See

Other Methods

There are other methods to kill rats at home but most of them are inhumane. That is why some people choose to avoid killing them. As mentioned previously, using snap traps is the best way to kill rats. But still, some people don’t have the heart to do that. If you want to remove mice and rats from your property without killing them, consider using live traps.

The idea of live traps is to trap the animals but keeping them alive. However, you should consider several things to prevent injury when the mice get trapped. The poorly-designed trap can catch the mice’s limbs or tail and it can injure the animals. Therefore, paying attention to the trap’s design is crucial.

You also need to provide enough food and water to prevent hunger, cold stress, and dehydration. Just like what you do with snap traps, checking the live traps every morning is important. The next step is to relocate the animal soon.

Another way that you can do is to bring the trapped mice to a veterinary clinic. They may know how to kill rats instantly although some vet clinics cannot perform the procedure. So, it’s better to find out whether they can do it or not before setting the trap to catch mice.

Asking for a help to a professional can be another alternative. Mice control specialists know what kills rats instantly and humanely. Just leave the work to them. They know where mice usually hide. Spotting the animals is very easy for them as they are a trained pest specialist. Not only are they knowledgeable of various methods in controlling mice, but they also understand the health risks that may happen.

How Avoid Mice Entering the House

Instead of looking for How to Kill a Rat Instantly, preventing them to enter the house is better. There are a number of signs that these animals are present in your house. If you find dirty smudges on the walls, piles of chewed soft materials, damaged wire and furniture, and pellets, it is very likely that there are mice in the house.

When you find the aforementioned signs, the very first thing coming up in your mind must be what kills rats fast. If you can prevent them from entering your house, there is no need to kill them. The most effective thing to do is to block them out. This way, you can keep the mice away.

  • Remove thick vegetation and high grass as it provides warmth for mice thus attracting them to enter the house.
  • Fix any broken roof and siding so mice cannot enter the house.
  • Remove any weeds and debris in your garden so mice won’t hide in them.
  • If necessary, install door sweeps for your garage.
  • Seal up anything that leads to the outdoors such as doors and pipes.

Final Words

Bear in mind that once mice and rats can enter your house and properties, it will be very difficult to make them go away. Even when you already find What Kills Rats Instantly, there are still many mice outdoors that can come to your house. So, the more important thing is to prevent dangerous animals to enter your house.

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