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Moles are unique and small creatures that are often thought of as yard pests due to their intricate tunnel system. They create tunnels continuously to search for their foods. Since they spend their lives underground and love to eat earthworms, so they like the place where they can dig the soil easily. Their digging habits can destroy your gardens, lawns, and golf courses within a few days. If you are a garden owner and suffering because of moles, this post is for you. In this post, you will know the area Where Do Moles Live and what is their habit. Hopefully, this post will help you to find out the location of the moles in your garden. And you can take proper step to eliminate them.

Where Do Moles Live?

It is not much difficult to find out the moles if you know the place where the like to live. There is a short discussion about the living area of the moles. Keep scrolling…Where Do Moles Live

Moles Geography

Moles are found all over North America, Europe, and Asia. There are various types of moles are found in the continental United States, the most common type is the Eastern Mole. They live east of the Rocky Mountains, ranging from Northern Michigan all the way down to Southern Texas. There are some other species of moles such as shrew, coast, broad-footed, hairy-tailed, and star-nosed moles are also found in the United States. Another type of mole is Golden mole that lives in South Africa. This species of moles are able to swim through sand and they prefer to live in desert areas.

Moles Habitat

Moles prefer to live in grasslands, urban areas, gardens, sand dunes, mix woodlands. They like the place that has mild soil where they can dig their tunnels. Even though all the moles dig tunnels to search for their food, their habitat preference is different. For example, star-nosed moles like moist soil to live while Eastern Moles like to live in the drier soil. No matter what their preference, they look for the soil that permits comfort of digging.Moles Habitat

In addition, moles use their tunnels to travel one place to another, but tunnels are more than just underground highways. During the breeding season, they dig tunnels so they can use it as a birthing area. However, moles always avoid the soil that is too rocky, sandy or has a lot of clay in it. Because these types of soil are harder to dig the tunnels and don’t provide good conditions for the moles’ hunting.

Living Style (Single or Group)

Generally, moles do not get along with one another. Most of them like to live alone into their tunnels, they prefer to stay alone. In fact, moles will usually fight to the death if another mole infringes upon their area. They are believed to stay solitary as adults and avoid contact with other moles. However, during their childbearing time, male moles start to move around and leave their range in search of females. They move around for several weeks, even after all the females in an area have mated.

How Long Do Moles Live

The lifetime of moles depends on several facts. Even it also varies on different types of moles. However, the common lifespan of the mole is 3 to 6 years. On average moles live 3-4 years but some species like Eastern mole live up to 6 years.

Some Interesting Facts about Moles

Most people have so many misconceptions about moles. There is a list of some interesting facts of the moles, which will clear your confusion about this small creature.

  • Moles are actually not the nocturnal animal, they are active all over the daytime and night-time. They are most active after raining when the soil texture is perfect for making their tunnels.
  • Moles are insectivore, they prefer to eat earthworms, grubs, and insects.
  • Even though moles like to live in the garden, they do not eat roots or plants.
  • They can dig tunnels at a rate of up to 15 feet per hour!
  • Though moles may look like rats or mice, they are not rodents.
  • They can be controlled by Trap, Poison or Repellents.
  • A female mole gives birth to 3-4 hairless kids at a time. By 14 days old, the mole’s babies will start to grow hair.
  • Moles can be helpful in your garden when they are present in a small amount. They kill grubs and insects that damage grass and young shrubs. Moreover, their digging aerates the ground and carries humus deeper into the earth.

Final Words

To prevent them easily it is necessary to know Where Do Moles Live. If you can find out their exact location you can get rid of them easily. However, if you want to control moles completely you have to understand their behavior, their like and dislike. If you don’t know the proper sign and their location it would be tough to find out them. So, it is very important to know their signs and the area where they like to live.

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