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Moles baits are an easy solution to deduce their population. Recently we get the chance to try some new bait as a mole killer for our farmhouse. Among four baits we ended up having Motomco Mole Killer because rest three did not work at all. However, we applied the bait for the 2-acre field where more 6 active tunnels were created in the last few days.

Motomco Mole Killer


So we followed the procedure as it was given in the package. In the first few days there is nothing to mention that we ensure that the bait is working. Infect we thought it was terrible as other three mole killers. But the Motomco suggested it that the bait might take some time, but it will work for sure. And thank god it did.

For our place, it took a week for some results. Now there is no new movement in the area or any sign of moles. Those who don’t know about Motomco will defiantly satisfy its effect.

Why Should You Buy this Motomco Mole Killer?

The Motomco Mole Killer Worms is a super convenient option to get rid of moles and gophers. The Motomco Gopher Killer is also available in the market. You can check this out too.

However, you should take this bait seriously and try for some reason.

  • Firstly the baits are similar to earthworms found inside the soil. By the shape, size, and test the worms are pretty the same. So the moles get easily fooled by it.
  • Secondly, the poison comes in the box inside the tray. So, it keeps in the right place and stays pure. But yes, you have to follow the box in a dry and cool place. Otherwise, it could be softened easily.
  • Thirdly and finally, the bait is made of Bromethalin. This element is the most deadly and fast effective poison for moles, gophers, and many other underground critters. Depending on the lethal doge, it may work on giant animals or mammals. The Motomco mole killer is containing Bromethalin. Once the chemical goes inside the stomach, it will immediately start actions.

Easy to Understand

Many good mole killers are available in the market but can’t show the performance because users don’t know how the proper application would be made. But in that case, motomco is one step ahead. They give a clear instruction back of the cover in detail. So, any user will understand the correct procedure to use it. In our case, that helps a lot. If there is no rain or overheating problem during the chances of the application are you will be successful in the first attempt.

Easy to Spread Over

The good thing about the baits is they are easy to apply. All you need is to poke holes in some active tunnels. Don’t rush to poke many holes in one pit. One or two holes are enough for each tunnel. Use rubber gloves to make holes and insert the bait on it. The rest of the work will be done over time by the critters. Retreat the active tunnels again in between 48-72 hours.

Innocuous for Your Garden

The mole killer poison is safe for garden soil and water. Usually, plants or insects do not affect much from it. If there is an old well, tube well near the spot, you applied the killer baits there is nothing to worry. But yes you should be alert about your dogs and cats. The curious pet could dig soil and find the worm baits or dead moles. If they eat any of them, they might get sick. So be careful about it.



  • Mimic the natural appearance and smell of mole food.
  • Works on the maximum type of mole species.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It comes with better storage box. 


  • Take little time to work; thus, moles may notice it in time.
  • The pack could be more economical. 

How to Use the Motomco Mole Killer Worms

The using method of the Motomco poison baits is the same as any other mole killing baits. All you need to search for some newly made tunnels is the affected area. Take a rod or wooden stick to create wholes on the subway. Now input one bait each of the holes and lightly cover them with soil. Don’t close the gap entirely. Let some light and air come into the tunnel. This is a trick to let the mole curios and come near the bait. Once the bait has been eaten by moles, it will die eventually.

Use gloves for every application. Don’t touch the worm in bare hands. Check the bait after two days to see any result.

Alternative Products

So here is another product that you can give a try. The Victor Moleworms to Kill Moles is a beneficial and economical product that anyone should try. One pack comes with 25 mole baits with ten flags and three gloves. With the help of strong poison and smartly made bait worms, you will get rid of this nuisance within one week. The using procedure of this is the same as Motomco.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the excellent duration check the baits after insert?

A: 5 to 7 days.

Q: Where the product made from?

A: It’s made in the USA.

Q: Which areas are considered mostly mole prone regions?

A: Near lake, woods, field, etc.


Final Words

So, we are now at the edge of the Motomco Mole Killer Review. This may not cover all the sides of the product we tried to share our perspective through our experimental work. During this time, we found the mole killer is very convenient to use. It’s easy to apply and also retreats the tunnel whenever you need. The poison containing the bait is active and very much keen to kill different size of moles. Plus it comes under budget. So, if you want a less complicated solution for your growing mole population, then you should try the Motomco mole killer for sure.

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