Mouse Poison Not Working | Common Mistakes You Should Fix

Mice are always destructive, they can cut your wooden furniture, cloth, electric wires or can damage your food storage. Moreover, mice can spread various fatal disease as they contain different kinds of germs. So it is very important to control them as soon as you can. Proper mice hunting requires a little bit of extra knowledge and a small amount of skill.Mouse Poison Not Working

People often make some common mistakes when it comes to removing mice by using poisons or chemicals. Using poisons to remove rats is a very common and effective method. But sometimes Mouse Poison Not Working as your expectation due to some common mistakes. In this post, I am going to share some most common mistakes and the way to solve them. All of the information will help you to control mice with poison without much trouble.

Why Mouse Poison Not Working and The Ways to Fix Them

There’re a few key mistakes that can completely ruin the effectiveness of the mice poisons and keep mice running free. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why mouse poisons do not work.

Not Using Enough Poison

Many homeowners think using a few quantities of poison is enough to solve any rodent problem. This is not the right way unless you are dealing with just a single mouse or rat that is confined to a small area. However, mice reproduce fast and furiously, they can produce 6-7 in a litter as quickly as every 21 days. So you have no idea about how many rodents are in your house. But you can be almost sure there are more than one is starting to live with you.

Moreover, mice need to eat a large amount of poison otherwise it doesn’t work. The best technique is placing enough amount of poison around the mice living area or the way they come into your house.

Choosing the Wrong Place

If you choose the wrong place to put mice poison this can eliminate chances to kill them. So before placing mouse poison find out their exact location where they usually live and where they are active. Place your poison where the mice walk regularly. You can find out the spots through checking where the droppings are. Normally, rats or mice tend to walk next to the wall rather than open ground. They do not feel safe in the open place as they have many natural predators like cats.

Some of the best locations to place mouse poison include secluded corners, behind the fridge, and top of the basements. You can also place the poison between the furniture or in your garage. These are all places where mice or rats are commonly found, you can place your poison in and around them. However, always place your mice poison out of the reach of children and pets.

Using the Wrong Poison

There are many different types of mouse poisons available in the market but not all of them are effective. Some kinds of mouse poison are more effective than others that’s why it’s important to find out the right one. However, if you’re not having much luck you might be using wrong kinds of poison. Try to buy the fastest type of mice poison that actually work to kill the pests. These kinds of poisons are much powerful than those you can usually buy over the counter in most places. They kill rodents faster as well as reliable and safe.

Normally, the fastest acting poisons are more expensive than the cheaper one. Buying cheaper poisons may be a waste of money because you may end up having to buy it again and again. However, wear protective gloves when you are handling any fastest chemicals or poisons.

Placing the Poison in the Wrong Way

It is very important when you apply mice poisons around your house you know how to apply poisons correctly. You should never put any kind of mice poison directly on the floor. If you do so, the poison will spread all over the place through the little feet of the rats. And that may comprise a serious health hazard, so you should be careful about that.

However, you can use small plastic trays to place the poison. You can buy plastic trays from the market or if you want you can make your own with a plastic container. Nevertheless, once you use plastic trays to hold poison never use them for any other purpose.

Not Checking the Poison Often Enough

People often forget about poison after placing them, that going to be a big mistake. You should check the poison regularly to make it sure the little mice are actually eating the bait. If you check the poison on a regular basis you can be sure about that the mice have eaten it. You can see this looking the amount of the bait, the presence of husks, etc. you may replace the poison very frequently.

Keep one thing in your mind their hunger will drop significantly once the poison started working. If they do not eat the bait they may have another food source in your house. So you should check again have access to cupboards or any other place. However, never touch the poisons with your hand during checking.

Rats or Mice are Resistant to Poisons

Like bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics are also building up resistance to rodenticides. They are famous for being very adaptable creatures, they can grow immunity and resistance to poison very fast. They tend to be immune to some common poisons more than others. So rodenticide products are always developing new ingredients. If they’re eating the bait but there are no changes in their activities as shown in a previous section that means the poison is not working on them. So you should change the poison and make a discussion with a pest controller to ensure that which poison you should buy.

Last Thought

When your Mouse Poison Not Working well you should apply another method to control the rodents. Mouse Trap is the most effective and traditional option to get rid of mice from your house. There’re various types of mouse traps are available in the market such as snap trap, glue trap or electronic traps. You can use one of these traps to remove mice from your side. Or you can apply natural mice repellents like castor oil or peppermint oil to keep mice away from your house. However, if you have kids and pets in your home and afraid to use poison you can apply natural methods. Natural methods are always a safe and effective way to get rid of rodents from your area.

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